1908/10  Gravate   


sc09v-1.jpg (4845 bytes)
value 5B 10B 15B 25B 40B 50B 1L 2L
perforations B, C A, B, C, D B, C A, B, C, D A, B, C, D A, B, C, D A, B, C, D A, B, C, D
shades yellow green
moss green
bright green
emerald green
pale green
clear red
aniline red
pale red
bright red
clear violet
pale violet
bright violet-blue
azure violet
pale blue
dark blue
bright violet-blue
steel blue
blue indigo
clear green
bright green
dark green
russian green
yellow green
light or-yellow

Sepia brown
Dark sepia
Yellow brown

brick red/rose
dark b.red/rose
redish orange
bright red
Mi 212
CMR 208
Scott 207
Mi 213
CMR 209
Scott 208
Mi 214
CMR 210
Scott 209
Mi 215
CMR 211
Scott 210
Mi 216
CMR 212
Scott 211
Mi 217
CMR 213
Scott 213
Mi 218
CMR 214
Scott 215
Mi 219
CMR 215
Scott 216
notes: 10B Clear red (rosu viu) Bright red (rosu aprins). Bright red not in perforation A.
          15B Clear violet & Azure violet only perforation B
          25B pale blue and dark blue only perforated A, B, D
Type 1: Frame 24 x 18 mm   (14 april 1908 - first issued 5, 10, 25, 40 & 50 B, then all values)
Type II:  Frame 23 x 18   (28 august 1908 - only 40B, 50B, 1L & 2L)
5 Bani ..........perforation B with left side perforated A
10 Bani .......vertical pair imperforated in the middle
15 Bani.......vertical pair with double perforation C
40 Bani.......vertical pair with double perforation C  (not mentioned in CMR)
40 Bani.......horizontal pair with double perforation
1L .............horizontal pair imperforated in the middle
     .............horizontal or vertical pair with double perforation
Abklatsch A 15B abklatsch
grav15imp.jpg (11714 bytes)Acording to CMR the 15B pale violet
was also issued and used imperforate:
All other Bani values are also issued
imperforate but not used - and,
according to CMR,
to be considered essays.

agrav25.jpg (16638 bytes)So... how about this one?


1909/14  Tipografiate  
All have perforations A, B, C, D and K(13 1/2:14 1/2)
except where noted otherwise
sc09v-2.jpg (5157 bytes)
value 1B 3B 5B 10B 15B 15B
shades a/black

b/light brown
a/ yellow green


a/ olive
b/ pale olive
c/ dark olive
paper variations c/grey paper
d/yellow paper
c/grey paper
d/white creased paper
b/ grey paper
c/ yellow paper
d/red / yellow paper

b/ creased paper

d/olive / yellow paper


Mi 220
CMR 216
Scott 217
Mi 221
CMR 217
Scott 218
Mi 222
CMR 218
Scott 219
Mi 223
CMR 219
Scott 220
Mi 224
CMR 220
Scott 221
Mi 225
CMR 221
Scott 222
3B d/ only perf K
15B violet normally only perf C  exists mint A + B    15Bviolet b/ perf B + C
15B olive b/ only in perf B + C + K   c/ only in perf A + B + C + K    d/ only in D + K
10B pink-violet on grey war paper - see 1918 overprints
V over left 10
15 B olive broken frame (r3c5)
15B violet blob on forehead
1B black, grey paper (mint/used), 3B brown (mint), 5B yellowgreen (mint), 15B olive (mint/used)
15 Bani violet imperforated are always forgeries
5 Bani black is a forgery

1911  1 1/2 B Yellow  Ear of wheat     Mi  130     CMR 222   see Ear of wheat

1913   Silistra  (25/12 1913 - 8/1 1914)
Line perforation 11 1/2 : 13 1/2  or 13 1/2 : 11 1/2
Stamp postcard
  Mi CMR Scott      
1 B Black 227 - 230      
3B dark olive/brown 228 - 231      
5B green / dark brown 229 - 232      
10B orange/brown 230 - 233      
15B brown/lilac 231 - 234      
25B blue/redbrown 232 - 235      
40B brown/ lilac 233 - 236      
50B yellow/blue 234 - 237      
1L blue / brown 235 - 238      
2L brick red/lilac 236 - 239      
Essays, trials and proofs  Essays /Earl Galitz exhibition
Types and plate flaws  More flaws  Nice set of Mandate Postale w Silistra stamps
Earl Galitz: Letters   Earl Galitz: Letters
Forgery characteristics

All Occupation issues, see Occupations

1917   Unissued (Moscow)
perforated or imperforated
For this issue there was also produced
Assistance isssue & Postage dues
Essay - unadopted design for 25 Bani
As the Romanian Printing Works were in the German occupied Bucharest, the new definitives were produced by the Russian Printing Works in Moscow.
After the November Revolution, the Romanian authorities scrapped the new stamps, unwilling to trust the new Communist regime with their plates.
  Mi CMR        
5B yellowgreen VIa 223        
10B red VIb 224        
25B blue VIc 225        
35B redlilac VId 226        
40B bluegreen VIe 227        
50b orange VIf 228        
1L dark brown VIg 229        
2L light blue VIh 230        


1918   Overprint 25 BANI  (red) on 1B black
(Danielle & Frank P. Russell gives 3 shades for the ovp: Red, carmine, brownred)
Perforations: A, B, D, K
  Mi CMR Scott      
25B on 1B black 237 233 240      
ESSAY: (or rather trial print)
Blue-green overprint
Inverted overprint
Vertical overprint
Diagonal overprint
Overprint: 25 BAN     (missing I)
Pairs - one with overprint, one without
Dark red overprints


1918   Overprint 1918 
  Mi CMR Scott      
5 Bani yellow-green       perforations A, B, C, D, K 238 234 241      
10 Bani red  (tipografiate)     perforations A, B, D, K 239 235 242      
10 Bani pink-violet on grey paper  (unissued, on warpaper)     perforations A, D, K   235x
1918warpaper.jpg (10717 bytes)
10 Bani pink-violet on warpaper without overprint  (600 copies known)..Block of 4
Overprint on Ear of Wheat 5 Bani  Perforation B
1918gravatev.jpg (9571 bytes)
Overprint on Gravate  10 Bani  Perforation B
1918-a.jpg (7752 bytes)
Red overprint (Trial colour printing - in CMR called essays, but an overprint essay is normally made on plain paper)
all three values  - perforation B
Inverted overprint  (perforations according to CMT)
5B green             B, C, K
10B red              B, D, K
10 B pinkviolet    B
Shifted overprint
5B green                B, C, D, K
10B red                 A, B, C, D, K
10B pinkviolet       A, B
Double overprint
5B                        A, B, D
10B red                A
10B pinkviolet     A
Double overprint, one inverted
5B green + 10B red perforated A


Double overprint, one red, one black
1918-2sh.jpg (20215 bytes)
Mirrored overprint  "8191"
1918-3sh.jpg (7555 bytes)



Diagonal overprint
5B  perforated K







Vertical overprint (here with shifted overprint)
1918-1sh.jpg (31690 bytes)
Pairs - one with overprint, one without
(Result of either
a/ shifted print, leaving one row unprinted
b/ Copies has been found of sheets with only every second stamp overprinted. Odd...)
overprint on 1 or 3 Bani Tipografiate are all forged


1918/1919   Moldova 
grey war paper, yellow gum
  perforations Mi CMR Scott   flaws
Tipografiate           broken frame (r3c5)
-//- on white paper
A, B, D, K
A, B, D, K
40B A, B, D 241 239 212    
50B A, B, C, D, K 242 241 214    
Spic de grau            
25B A, B, C, D, K 243 237 225    
-//- on white paper
A, B, D
B, D
50B A, B, D 245 240 227    
1L A, B, D 246 242 228    
2L A, B, D 247 243 229    


Nov/Dec 1918  Overprint PTTFF 
1B, 5B & 10B of Tipografiate overprinted with
the monogram of king Ferdinand
perforations A, B, C, D, K 
overprint colour: 1B: red  5 & 10B: black
Concerning first day of issue
value 1 Bani black 5 B yellowgreen 5B pale green 10B pink-carmine 10B pink-lilac 10B pink-violet
white paper A, B, D, K A, B, C, D, K B, D, K A, B, D, K B, C, D
grey paper B, C, D, K B, C, D, K B, C, D, K
grey-yellow paper K
Cat.nrs Mi 248
CMR 351
Scott 245
Mi 249a
CMR 352
Scott 246
Mi 249b
Mi 250a
CMR 353
Scott 247
Mi 250b
Double overprint
1B black white paper  K
5B white paper           B
1B grey paper            K
5B grey paper            D, K
10B grey paper          B, D
Inverted overprint
1 B white paper        D
5 B white paper        D
1 B grey paper         K
5 B grey paper         D, K
10 B grey paper       B, D


1920  Cap  Mare Text from Mr Yasuki Ota concerning his displays
january 1920 grey paper (x) white paper (y) other paper with blue lint
(cu scame)
Mi CMR Scott Plate flaws &
Exhibition displays
courtesy Mr Yasuki Ota
1B black
A,B,C,D,K,imp B,D,K very thick (y)   251 354 248 blob behind head
broken frame
Wrapper w stamps
5B green
     yellow green
    grass green
A,B,C,D,K,imp A,B,C,D,K very thick B,D 252 355 249 circle left of 5
(pos 19 (r2, s9))
Stamps 1
Stamps 2
Magazine w stamps
10B rose
       dull rose
       dark rose
B,D,K,imp A,B,C,D,K   A,B,D 253 356 250 Vertical crack
Open corner top right
Postcards w stamps
15B red brown B,D,K,imp B,D   D 254 357 251   Stamps 1
Stamps 2
25B deep blue

  B 255 358 252   Stamps
Postcard & letter
40B pale brown
        deep brown

    257 359 254   Stamps
50B redorange
thin paper
very thin ppr
  258 360 255 horn on forehead Stamps 1
Stamps 2
1L green
     deep green
    259 361 256 white dot left of R
paper fold? top left
2L dull orange yellow
     bright orange
  A,B,C,D,K     261 362 258   Stamps
May 1921   white paper              
25B brown
       pale brown
    256 363 253 Left frame bulging in Stamps
1L bright rose
     pale rose
    260 364 257 white dot left of R Stamps
2L blue
     deep blue
     pale blue
    262 365 259   Stamps
1922   white paper            
2L rose   A,K   263 366 260   Stamps + letter
Essays Imperfs Forgeries  
Vertical pairs imperf in the middle: 1b,  5b5b, 10b,  15b, 15b, 40b  (all on grey paper)
Horizontal pairs imperf in the middle    1B black, 10B red, 15B brown (grey paper)
Double perforation    Perforation varieties    
Perforation variety:  1B black, 10B red, 15B brown (grey paper)  and 1L red (white paper) with G (10:11 1/2)
Paper varieties: from thin to carton
Watermark: Known with watermark (A  line) on white paper
Horisontal: 5B + 10B perf B, D, K  1L green perf B, D  25B brown + 2L blue + 2L red  perf A, K
Vertical:  5B perf B,D,K  10B perf D,K 25B brown + 2L blue perf A,K
"Cinderella overprints"
The Ziaristi 1920 Ujsagirok overprint 
Posta Aeriana 1920  (bogus)


1920-27   Cap mic
For this issue CMR84 is the most detailed, but as it is hard to unite all information, I´ve decided to use CMR 74 as a basis and only relate type differences that I can clearly explain, and then build from that    (UNDER CONSTRUCTION.....)
1920 Perf Mi CMR Scott Flaws Exhibition displays
courtesy Mr Yasuki Ota
3B black or grey
3B black or grey on yellow paper
with lint:
3B black or grey on white paper
3B black or grey on yellow paper

A, B, C, D
B, C, D
264 367 261 Break in left frame
White dots around 3
Block of 42
Printed matter
30B violet-lilac
30B blue-violet
30B dull violet/ yellowish paper
30B redish violet/ yellowish paper
30B mauve/yellowish paper
30B dull violet, paper with lint
A, B, C, D, K
A, B, D, K
A, B, D
B, D
269 368 266 prolonged N in BANI
white line under S in POSTA
broken frame at top
broken frame top left
Stamps 1
Stamps 2
Letters 1
Letters 2
1L lilac T1: A, B, C, D, K
T2 + T3: K
272 369 269 Inverted F (white dot left of 1) Stamps
Stamps & letters
Stamps & letters
5L emerald  green(T I)
5L pale green
B, D, K
A, B
279 370 276   Stamps & letter
1921 Perf Mi CMR      
25B brown T I
25B brown T II
25B yellowish brown T I
25B dark brown T I + II
25B chestnut brown T I + II
25B yellow T I
A, B, C, D, K
A, B, C, D, K
267 371 264 Break at M of Romania Stamps
1922 Perf Mi CMR      
5B black
5B black on yellow paper
5B grey
5B olive
C, D,K
265 372 262 Fat "i" in Romania
Broken frame to "B" in Bani
Frame broken under 5 (courtesy Horst Neustaedter)
White spot in crown, fram right
Frame broken bottom right
Printed matter
50B orange  T I
50B orange T II
50B orange T III
50B yellow T I
50B yellow T II
50B yellow T III
A, D, K
D, K
A, B, C, D, K
B, C, D, K
270 373 267 Shifted - printers waste? Stamps 1
Stamps 2
Letters 1
Letter 2
60B green
60B dark green
A, B, C, D, K
A, D, K
271 374 268 Dot in 6 Stamps
2L carmine red  T I
2L bright red T I
2L claret   T I
A, D, K
A, K
273 375 270 flaw: coloured dot in L of LEI
3L blue  (T I) A, B, C, D, K 275 376 272 broken frame left of 3
broken frame left of bugle
White circle top right
1923 Perf Mi CMR      
10B light emerald green
10 B yellow-green
10B dark green
10B olive green
A, D, K
C, D, K
A, K
266 377 263 white dot on shoulder Stamps 1
Stamps 2
10B olive (uncirculated) A 266b 377a 263a    
2L green  T I  (18 march)
2L green T II  (1926)
2L green T III (1927)
A, K
274 378 271   Stamps 1
Stamps 2
6L blue A, D, K 281 379 278 flaw: "angry mouth" bottom right
The "6L flaw"
Stamps& letter
7.50L light blue
7.50L milky blue
A, K
284 380 281 flaw: 7 thicker Stamps & letter
10L blue   (23 february)
10L indigo
10L blue on yellowish paper
10L indigo on yellowish paper
A, K
285 381 282   Stamps
1924 Perf Mi CMR      
3L brown T I
3L brown T II
Vertical pair T I + T II
A, K
276 382 273 broken frame under i in LEI Stamps
3L pale pink T I
3L pale pink T II
3L orange red T III
Vert or horiz pair T I + T II
A, K
277 383 274 white line right of 3 Stamps & letter
6L pink A, K 282 384 279 The "6L flaw"
Thin character L
6L olive K 283 385 280 The "6L flaw" Stamps & letter
1925 Perf Mi CMR      
25B brick red TII
25B reddish  TII
25B pale brick red  TII
A, K
268 386 265 flaw: dot at right Stamps
Printed matter
3L red carmine T III
3L bright red T III
3L claret T III
278 387 275 flaw: LE�I
broken frame left
hairline in 3
5L brown  T I
5L red-brown  T II
5L orange-brown T II
5L chocolate  T II
A, C, K
A, K
A, K
A, K
280 388 277   Stamps
Essays Forgeries  
Pairs imperf in the middle  Imperf horizontal: 3B black (perf A,B, D),25B brown, 25B red, 50B yellow, 2L red, 3L blue, 10L blue,
Imperf vertical: 3B black (perf A,B,D), 5B black, 10b light green, 25B red, 60B green, 1L violet,  2L red, 10L blue
Imperf one side  5L- imperf top
Double perforation  horizontal:  10b green50B orange1L violet, 1L violet ,
                               vertical    :   3B black, 30B violet1L lilac2L red,
Thick paper (carton 0,1 - 0,12) 3B black, 5B black, 25B light brown, 25B brick-red, 30B violet, 50B yellow (I), 50B orange, 60B green, 1L violet (III), 2L carmine red, 2L green (I), 3L blue, 5L brown (I, II),   7.50L blue

Thin paper (0,05 - 0, 07) 3B black, 5B black, 25B light brown, 25B dark brown, 25B brick red, 30B violet, 50B yellow (I), 50B orange, 1L violet (III), 2L carmine red, 2L green (I), 3L blue, 3L carmine (III), 5L brown (I, II), 6L carmine red, 7.50L blue
(Black= CMR 84 + 74, Red = CMR 74 only)
Display of types for 1924   3L red 1   3L red 2   3L brown
Watermark (Line) known on most values:
Horizontal: 3B on lint paper, 5B, 10B green,10B olive, 25B brown (I), 25B brown (II), 25B brick red, 30B, 30B on lint paper, 50B orange (I, II, III), 50B yellow (I, II), 60B, 1L (I, II, III),2L carmine red, 2L green (I, II, IV), 3L blue, 3L brown,3L pale red (I), 3L carmine (III), 5L brown (I, II), 6L blue, 6L red, 7.50L, 10L)
Vertical:  10B green,25B brown (II), 25B brick red, 30B on lint paper, 50B orange (III), 50B yellow ( II),  1L (I, III),2L carmine red, 2L green (II, III), 3L blue, 3L carmine (III, IV), 3L vine red, 3L brown, 5L brown (I, II), 7.50L, 10L)
OVERPRINT: Ajutorarea Infometalitor Basarabiei


1922   Alba Iulia  
Design: L. Basarab  Printer: Bayerische Staatsruckerei
White paper, wm wavy lines, perf A, B, C, D, K
  Perf  Base / posssible Mi CMR Scott    
5B black A/ K, C, B, 14:13 1/2 286 389 283    
25B brown K/ B 287 390 284    
50B deep green A/ D 288 391 285    
1 L olive green A/ D 289 392 286    
2L red A/ D 290 393 287    
3L blue K/ 291 394 288    
6L violet A/ D 292 395 289    
Pairs imperf in the middle  Horizontal pair 5b,  50b , 1L  Vertical pair 5b, 25b, 50B, 1L, 2L
Constant Plate flaws Transient plate flaws, errors
5b    2. With flag on pavilion
 3. Without designers name
5b    1. With flag on cathedral
        With wm lines vertical are design/colour trials
  25b    White dot at top of left 2
67a = "O" and "M" of "ROMANIA" joined
67b = Vertical stroke below "N" of "BANI"
67d = "N" and "I" von "BANI" joined at bottom
67e = "T" of "POSTA" broken
67h =        diagonal scratch
67c = Hyphen after "POSTA"
67f = "A" of "POSTA" mutilated and joined to crown
67g = White dot below "A" von "POSTA"
1. P in POSTA cut
2.  B in BANI split
3. N in BANI without ^
  1L    1. Letters O+M in ROMANIA touches each other
2 L   "White dot on shoulder", sheet position 96  
3 L    "I" and "A" of "ROMANIA" joined  
  6L  Broken frame
Difference in size of stamp


1926 (1 july)  60th birthday of King Ferdinand I
Design: L.Basarab  Printer: Bayerische Staatsdruckerei
White paper, no wmk, perf 11 or imperf
Issued number perforated: 200.000
  Mi CMR Scott      
10B green 293 396 291      
25B orange 294 397 292      
50B yellowbrown 295 398 293      
1L violet 296 399 294      
2L dark green 297 400 295      
3L carmine 298 401 296      
5L brown 299 402 297      
6L brown-olive
6L blue
9 L greygreen 301 404 299      
10L blue
10 L red
Essays, trials and proofs
The essay pages
Impression of 28-on Design / colour trials proofing cylinder, horiz wmkd paper
Design and colour trials from 28-on cylinder
Impression of 15-on Design/Colour trials proofing cylinder, vert wmkd paper
Impressions from unidentified cylinders, vert wmkd paper 10B & 2L
Plate proofs from definitive cylinder, vert wmkd paper
Imperforate issue  Issued number: 2.000
Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
Errors of colour                      contentious issued numbers:
CMR 74 CMR 84 Michel
6 L Blue perf - imperf 300  - 50 1500  - 50 100 - -
10 L red perf - imperf 200 - 100 1200  - 100 200 - -

6L perf block of 16, 10L perf block of ten    6L blue, 10L red USED   6L blue perf used    10L red imperf used
4-block of 6L blue - perf       4-block of 10L red - perf        4-block of 10L red - imperf 
You want to see them again?

Plate varieties
Perforation varieties
Jumped cylinder
Forgeries, bogus and printers waste
25 b 1 25 b 2
The forged perforation is the correct 11, but the holes are larger and less regularly shaped


1927   Geographical Society 50 years  
White paper, no wm, perf 13 1/2
  Mi   Scott      
1 + 9L violet 303   B21      
2 + 8L green 304   B22      
3 + 7L carmine 305   B23     Horizontal pair imperf in middle
5 + 5L blue 306   B24      
4 + 6L olive 307   B25      
Forgeries  (page on Bjorn Bakkens website)


1927   Independence 50 years    
  Mi   Scott      
25B brown-carmine 308   308      
30B black 309   309      
50B greenolive 310   310      
1L dark greenblue 311   311      
2L green 312   312      
3L violet 313   313      
4L brown 314   314      
4.50L orange red 315   315      
5L redbrown 316   316      
6L carmine 317   317      
7.50L greenblue 318   318      
10L light blue 319   319      
Imperfs   1L, 2L, 4.50L, 5L & 7.50L
Issued in sheet with two blocks of 5x5 with gutter inbetween
A whole sheet!!!!  25B   30B courtesy Sorin Pantis  6L courtesy Dinu Matei
Plate flaws
4.50 Lei    450 Lei instead of 4.50 Pic 1   2  A whole sheet!!!!
4.50L coloured line above top frame from the sheet
2L with number 2 missing

Plate flaws on 50 Bani, 4 Lei, 4,50 Lei and 6 Lei :

"Thin frame above "OM" of "ROMANIA", on 50 Bani there is an additional short horizontal strocke at inside frame just below the value", occurs on sheet position 2
"Thin frame above "OM" of "ROMANIA", on 50 Bani there is no additional short horizontal strocke at inside frame just below the value", occurs on sheet position 7
"Notch at the top right corner inside of the "O" of "ROMANIA" and white spot in the right leg of the "R" of "ROMANIA", occurs on position 11
"Notch at the top right corner inside of the "O" of "ROMANIA" and no white spot in the right leg of the "R" of "ROMANIA", occurs on position 16
"Stem at left of the the frameside laurel leave at left to the value" occurs on position 12
"Stem at left of the the frameside laurel leave at left to the value and coloured spot at left above the crown" occurs on position 17
"Break of frame at left at left of the arms of Romania and white spot in the string of pearls at left above the kings head" occurs on position 23
"Break of frame at left of the arms of Romania" occurs on position 28
"Break of frame above "IA" of "ROMANIA" occurs on position 32
"Horizontal coloured line above stamp from "O" to "N" of "ROMANIA" occurs on position 33
"Horizontal coloured line above stamp from "O" to first "A" of "ROMANIA" occurs on position 34
"Coulored spot to the right of the kings head" occurs on position 43
"Break of frame above "RO" of "ROMANIA" and colourd spot at top right of "O" of "ROMANIA" occurs on position 49