XXIV    1920 definitives

After the death of Carol I, the 10th October 1914, it was time to issue stamps with the new king, Ferdinand I. The 25th January 1915 it was announced that the painter Bassarab had been appointed to draw the design. Due to the war, the execution of this issue was delayed until January 1920

mare2.jpg (36117 bytes)"
Plate proofs        Printed on white paper  No gum or wmk
All linked images: Courtesy: Bob Palmer

1. 5 B Black
0.10 mm thick card
2. 10 B Black
0.10 mm thick card
   10B Black
0.14 mm thick card
3. 10 B Carmine
0.115 mm thick paper
    Possible ink trial
0.068 mm thick paper
X. 15 B Black
0.084 mm thick paper
previously unrecorded
4. 40 B deep green
unadopted colour
0.074 mm thick paper
5. 1 L rose
0.070 mm thick paper
6. 2 L blue
0.070 mm thick paper

Reversed essay
On white card stuck onto thick card
mirror09.jpg (20058 bytes)

1. 40 B Black

okt-mare.jpg (30544 bytes)

I´d say a fake, far as I can see
ain´t heard of it elsewhere..