XXVII.     Commemorative issue of the 1st July 1926

Ferdinand's 60th Birthday Anniversay

Printed by Bayerische Staatsdruckerei in Munich, after designs by painter Ludovic Bassarab.
All proofing was carried out on gummed paper, watermarked "wavy lines", horizontally or vertically.
(Impressions on unwatermarked thick or chalky paper, of accepted and rejected designs, are Visoianu reproductions, and are numbered XXVII A-L - see page XXVII-F)

XXVII M  - 28-on proofing cylinder
Horizontal watermark, 28 design/colour trials, 15 x 25B and 5 x 10L - all being 20.5 x 27 mm, together with 8 x 10L in format 19 1/2 x 25 1/2mm. Two of the large format 10 L trials do not present the designer's name. The 4th proof of the third row has a white triangle in top frame to the left.  Occasionally encountered perforated.
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All trials in two values, 10 L in two formats.
Colours: (Shades - big variations even within units)

12. Clear blue 13. Dark blue 14. Ultramarine 15. Olive yellow
16. Ochre 17. Orange 18. Carmine 19. Carmine rose
20. Brown 21. Yellow-green 22. Green 23. Olive green
24. Black-grey 25. Grey 26. Dark violet 27. Brown-violet


XXVII N - 15-on proofing cylinder
Format 20.5 x 27 mm, vertical watermark.

1. 25B grey-green 2. 10L grey-green

XXVII O - Other cylinders
Format 20.5 x 27 mm, vertical watermark, imperf or perf 11

Definitive cylinders

25B grey-black (perf) 25B orange (imperf) 50B green (perf)
5L sepia (imperf) 9L slate-green (imperf)  

Unidentified cylinders

10B orange (perf) 2L grey (perf) 2L slate-green (imperf)

3) Rejected cylinders

1L violet (imperf) 10L slate-green (perf and imperf) 10L red-brown (perf)