Plate varieties

10 Bani R1/10 vertical scratch in SE sector
R5/5 broken frame at lower right - major
R5/10 white flaw top right of figure 1
25 Bani R7/7 letters P & O joined ner top
R7/9 white flaw beneath value tablet
R7/9 same - dual impression
R7/9 same - 25b plate proof
R6/4 on proof
50 Bani R1/1 white flaw inside figure O
R5/6 cedilla under letter S
R5/10 letters M & A joined
1 Leu R1/4 coloured flaw near foot of figure 1 - major
R3/7 coloured flaw 1mm above letters P & O
R3/10 coloured line from letter P to top of head
R8/10 white flaw in medallion (at 1 o'clock)
R10/1 coloured line through top right of letter M
2 Lei R4/1 coloured flaw in NE ornament
R6/4 white flaw left of letter T
R9/7 coloured flaw in the right leg of 2nd letter A
R10/7 designer's name half missing - major
R10/10 white flaw from figure 2 to left frame of tablet - major
3 Lei R9/5 coloured line through the top of letters OM
R10/1 coloured flaw 1mm behind head (at 2 o'clock)
5 Lei R1/6 coloured line outside left frame, centre - major
R5/1 coloured flaw left to the 2nd letter A
R10/10 whitish vertical line in NW sector
6 Lei R9/1 break in the top frame above letter N
R9/2 coloured diagonal line through NE corner
9 Lei R1/8 coloured flaw in the left leg of 2nd letter A
R2/3 white flaw top right of 2nd letter A
coloured line outside the SW corner
R9/7 coloured line through first S in BASSARAB
10 Lei R1/5 numerous coloured dots in right leg of 2nd letter A
R4/2 white flaw lowert left in letter P
R8/6 coloured line from frame to medallion in SW sector
R10/6 two round white flaws in right frame. centre

Courtesy Ing C M Trevers