Ziaristi 1920 Ujsagirok
The "Bust mare"  issue was overprinted in 1920 for the occasion of the Congress of journalists in Transilvania and Banat, held in Cluj-Napoca the 21- 22 august.
These were not recognized by the Post as official issues - they are private overprints. (Cinderellas)
The overprints exists in three types - from the sheet :
Row 1-3 Type 1, Row 4-5 Type 2, Row 6-10 Type 3
Type 1: Ziaristi 8mm long, letters in antiqua
Type 2: Ziaristi 7mm long, block letters
Type 3: Ziaristi 7mm long, letters in antiqua
  white paper grey paper overprint issued 11.5 13.5/11.5 13.5/13.75 overprint upside down
1B black x x gold 50.100 x x    
5B green x x black 10.100 x x x  
10B red x x black 1.100 x     x
15B brown x x black 10.100 x      
25B blue x x red 10.100     x  
40B brown x x gold 10.100 x x    
50B orange x   black 10.100 x x x  
1L green x   black 1.100 x x    
2L orange x   black 1.100   x   x
White paper is most common,
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courtesy Roberto Opizzi