1865 Prince Cuza
on plain or vertically striped paper  (cursive= CMR)
Essays            Forgeries          1864 Cuza in oval  
2 PAR  white to grey paper
dark orange
 lemon yellow
yellow-brown (bistre)
Mr Dan N Dobrescu: Display of 2p
P. Dica collection
Retouches, varieties

1. Top right 2 as an Z (Pos 36)
    top right 2 thin at right (Z?)
2. R in Romana as upside down U
3. Scratch from under top right 2 (on one stamp in row 7) through R in ROMANA on to next stamp (in row 8) through P in POSTA and slicesfoot of lower left 2 in two.
Mr Dan N Dobrescu: Display of 2p variety
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2 PAR vertically laid paper
dark orange
yellow-brown (bistre)

Courtesy: Harmers of London
5 PAR blue
plain white paper          -    blue, pale blue, dark blue
yellow paper                 -    dark blue
vertically striped paper -   blue, dark blue
Mr Dan N Dobrescu: Display of 5p
P. Dica collection
Nice block of 18  Courtesy: Harmers of London

Retouches, varieties

Double prints
Mr Dan N Dobrescu: Display of 5p varieties

Image see below
20 PAR red
white paper

light red
fire red
pink red
dark red
thin bluish paper red
yellow paper red
red (thick yellow paper)

Mr Dan N Dobrescu: Display of 20p
7 displays: 20p on letters and with interesting cancels
Display 1 Display 2  Display 3 Display 4 
Display 5 Display 6  Display 7
P. Dica collection

Type 1: Oval touches Frame, bottom right 2 touches frame
Type 2: Oval centered, bottom right 2 centered

Retouches, varieties

1. Big coloured patch under I of deci and P of PAR (Pos 8)
2. Line under C of deci (Pos 10)
3. Scratch under T in POSTA (type 2)
Mr Dan N Dobrescu: 1st display of 20p varieties
Mr Dan N Dobrescu: 2nd Display of 20p varieties
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