Prince Cuza - unissued                                                                    P. Dica collection
2 PAR                 5 types (see right) (types in block)
dark ochre-yellow
light ochre-yellow
olive ochre
dark yellow



Large retouch at neck
Mr Dan N Dobrescu: Display 1
  Sheet of 44  
  Display of 2p varieties  
Mr Razvan Pala: Complete sheet

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5 PAR blue         5 types (see right) (types in block)
milky blue
clear blue
dark blue
light ultramarine
dark ultramarine
greenish blue


Colon above the head

Circle on first C of Cinci

Chopping above O in Romania

Pos 87 Moon above head

Chopping in top right corner
Mr Dan N Dobrescu: Display 1
  Display 2  
  1st Display of 5p varieties
  2nd Display of 5p varieties
Mr Razvan Pala: Complete sheet

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20 PAR red      3 types (see right) (types in block)
fire red
light red
dark red
carmine red
lilac red


Pos 3 CI cut in DECI

Pos 9 DQUE

Pos 11 white stain under last a of Romania
Mr Dan N Dobrescu: 20p types
  20p sheet
  Display of 20p varieties
Mr Razvan Pala Complete sheet

Type 1: Two dots after ROMANA
Type 2: One dot
Type 3: No dot