14 june 1919  CMT   (Pokutia/Kolomyya)  Comandamentul Militar Teritorial                                     Basic text about this issue
overprinted issue returned
1.     40h  on 5h 5
2.    60h  on 15h 4500 12
3.    60h  on 20h 16000 5190
4.    60h  on 25h 3200
5.    60h  on 30h 2600
6.  1k20h on 50h 2600 130
7.  1k20h on 60h 40
8.  1k20h on 1k 820
Postage dues
9.  40h  on 5h 800 41
10. 1k20h on 25h (1910) 118 30
11. 1k20h on 25h (1916) 120
12. 1k20h  on 30h 17
13. 1k20h on 50/24h 15 2
40h on 10h      internal postcard
                       external postcard  (lacks  Geramn & French text left of stamp die)

All other values are bogus.  Glossy black overprint is bogus.
A certain D. Gronich brought 100 sheets of Austrian stamps in all values to Kolomyya in August 1919 and managed to get them cancelled there. He later overprinted these in Cernauti.
In september 1919 a couple of speculators managed to get hold of the original dies and cancelled a lot of  unused Austrian stamps. After that the three dies were destroyed.
Overprint colour
The overprint is said to be dark blue-black ink. Genuine items have been found  with greyish blue-black ink. As for the black-violet or violet overprints, the case is not that clear.
In catalogues it is mentioned proof surcharges in blue or red. Normally overprint proofs are made on paper (see Romania 1918 overprint). These "proofs" are also made on some stamps that did not get overprinted and is not mentioned in the text of Mr Chernyavskyj.
Blue ovp:
40h  on          3h, 5h
60h  on          5, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60h
1k20h on       5h, 1k
40h on            20h and 50/42h
1k20h  on       25h and 50h
Red ovp
40h  on           3h and 5h
60h  on           3h, 5h, 25h, 30h, 60h
1k 20h     on   30h         


(Proofs according to Michel & Zumstein)

Some fun stuff:  ( No authenticity guarantee!)
Philatelic letter w Romanian stamps 27 may 1919  front  back
Philatelic letter 10 august                                       front
Internal postcard 40h/10 w an added 1k20h          probably fake
A selection                                                            probably bogus (at least 3 first)
Possible cancellations:
Delatyn, Horodenka, Kolomyya, Lanczyn, Sniatyn, Obertyn, Peczenisyn, Zablotov
"Notes on the CMT stamps issued during the Romanian occupation of Pokutia"   by Ivan Chernyavskyj
with editorial comments           The journal of the ROSSICA SOCIETY of RUSSIAN PHILATELY  No 75  1968