RED CROSS    Membership book
1948 1st issue
5L carmine
10L orange
rc3.jpg (4089 bytes)
1948 2nd issue
2L blue
30B red brown (1952)
rodkross1.jpg (1875 bytes)
1948 3d issue
6L blue  
10B / 2L blue (2nd issue)
25B / 5L carmine (1st issue)
30B / 6L blue (3d issue)
50B / 10L orange (1st issue)
10B blue
30B carmine brown

10B violet  
25B red
50B orange
75B violet
1L violet
3L blue
196?   Saptamana Crucii Rosii
1 L blue
196?   Societata Nationala de Crucea Rosie
black and red rodkross2a.jpg (2368 bytes)
15 different
1996   Saptamana Crucii Rosii
200L blue
2001 Re-issue In this period a lot of blocks w re-issues of older cinderellas and locals were issued, unclear by whom
  Note: 2 issues that might be confusing are:
Red cross issue 1945 w text Pentru Raniti (4 values) see: Consiliul de Patronaj
white or yellow stamp w big red cross and text about Bucharest see: Cinderllas/Locals/Bucharest