Consiliul de Patronaj (1942 - 44)
This was an official goverment charity in WW2, under the patronage first of the Queen Mother and later the president was the wife of Marshal Antonescu. These official charity stamps were often used on documents together with normal revenues.
29/10 1944 Consiliul de Patronaj changed name to Liga operelor sociale and cut down on its activities as a result of the new political situation.
1942 Sarul ostasului (Soldiers gift)

1942 1st issue

5L     carmine brown
20L   violet
100L brown
500L blue-grey
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1942 2nd issue

5L     brown
20L   violet
100L brown
500L blue-grey
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1943  3d issue    (pm = perforated in the middle)

10L      green            pm
20L      ultramarine
20L      ultramarine   pm
50L      brown
50L      brown           pm
100L    red
100L    red                pm
500L    violet

1943 4th issue

10L       green
20L       lilac
50L       yellow green
100L     blue
500L     reddish brown

1943 5th issue

10L         reddish orange
20L         lilac
50L         blue
100L       brown
500L       green
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1943  6th issue     Small version of 4th issue - changed background  cross at right over helmet.

20L        red
50L        green
100L      blue
500L      orange

1943    7th issue    3 years consiliul de patronaj     2 designs

20L        blue
40L        reddish brown
100L      violet
500L      olive
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1944  8th issue  3 designs

10L       violet                    pm
20L       reddish brown    
20L       reddish brown     pm
40L       red
100L     grey blue
100L     grey blue    pm
500L     slate green
500L     slate green    pm
1st design
woman + 1944
woman + 1944
dove + cross
dove + cross
dove + cross
1st design
1st design

1944  9th issue   (same design as 10L & 500L   1944)

20L       magenta
100L     grey blue

1944 Army Christmas

40L dark green

1944 Totul pentru front, totul pentru victorie (All for the front, all for victory)

100L dark violet tottul1.jpg (7676 bytes)

1945 Pentru raniti  (For wounded)

20L light blue background
40L yellowbrown background
100L yellowbrown background
500L light bluegreen background
raniti.jpg (11288 bytes)