bull1.jpg (27588 bytes)
1. Second O in PORTO thin top right
2. First C almost closed, bold back, ends with accents upwards and downwards
3. Right horn to foot of P, right line of horn thicker
4. Nose consists of 3 lines, right line somewhat longer, does not touch other lines
5. White dot in posthorns mouthpiece
6. Hook on foot of 7
7. Pointed long hook on left top of 7
8. Design in oval - black squares in white net
9. Open O
10. Pointed ear, towards T
1.  Type a  Fournier
2.  Type b - e

bull2.jpg (40741 bytes)

1. Curved horn pointed between O and C. C almost closed.
2. Lower left leg of star prolonged (not visible here - bad scan)
3. Curved horn pointed towards right part of foot of P
4. Ear pointed towards second leg of N
5. Broken circle
1. Type a  Fournier
2. Type b - f

bull3.jpg (33910 bytes)
1. Curved horn to end of O
2. Middle of star to left foot of K
3. Black dot right of star
4. Right horn to P
5. Right ear with horizontal line, not rounded
6. Short line
7. Thin hook on 1
8. Long hook on P
9. Often a break in left ear

1. Type a Fournier
2. Type a - h

bull4.jpg (36134 bytes)

1. Star open left top
2. K with long foot
3. C almost square at bottom
4. "Arrow" pointed downwards a 1/3 of the nose
5. 1 with long foot (right, downward)
6. Ear pointed towards 0, lower line bolder

1. Type a: Fournier
2. Type b - g


Illustrations courtesy Kaufmann/Lowe Auction Catalogue - E.J. Leon collection - Basel 1966
Information courtesy Billigs grosses Handbuch der Fälschungen (Wien 1938)