Coat of Arms - Cities
3681  1.20L Bucharest  yellow dot under first cog at right
Moscow 80
3733  55B  light blue in flag instead of dark blue (r3, c4)
3733  55B  circle on nose (r1, c5)
3735  1.50L  "hair" in star emblem (r3, c2)
3738  4.80  Colour dots at top of emblem (r5, c3)
Moscow 80
3737  3.40L  Colour dots at top of emblem + under M,O & O

Firemens Day
3742  55B  White dot between I & E in septembrIE  (r2, c4)
3742  55B  White dot middle of M in poMpierilor (r1, c3)
Chess Olympics Malta
3749  2.15L  Missing part at top of M in Malta (r10, c1)
Romanian Military Uniforms
3751  20B  second leg of A in postA swollen at base (r5, c9)
3752  40B  second leg of A in romanA with bubble (r1, c9)
3752  40B  violet dot on issue year (r5, c9 & r3, c10)
3752  40B  red dot on shield under hand (r2, c10)
3752  40B  S in oStean bigger (r2, c10)
3753  55B  white dot on top part of first leg of A in postA (r1, c1)
3754  1L    white dot under first leg of M in roMana + blue dot on tunic (r2,c5)
3754  1L    A in romAna with prolonged legs (r6, c5)
3755  1.50L  first leg of A in romanA swollen at top (r1, c2)
3756  2.15L  second leg of A in romanA cut (r3, c5)
3756  2.15L  coloured dot top right corner (r3, c4)
3757  4.80L  white dot on middle line of N in romaNa (r4, c4)
3757  4.80L  white dot middle of M in roMana (r4, c1)
Romanian Military Uniforms
3754  1L  white dot under second leg of A in romanA
3755  1.50L blue buckle on belt


3761  3.40L  White dot on 4 in 3.40L  (r:2 c:3)
3761  3.40L  P in POSTA with interrupted leg (r:5 c:2)
3765  1.50L  Green dot behind E in PALADE (base) (r:10 c:3)
3780  1.50L  O in TIMISOREAN interrupted
3782  3.40L  S in URIAS interrupted in the middle
Universiad Bucharest
3809  4.80L  T in BUCURESTI with accent (r:1 c:1)
  Soviet-Romanian Space Flight
3794  10L  dot on cheek of right astronaut
Theodor Aman
3811  55B  Red dot over castle at right (r4, c2)
  Stamp Day
3828  2L  colour change . background grey instead of red
3839  1.50L  A in romAna with horizontal line prolonged


Hang gliding
3883  2.50  orange contour under (ar�pa) (r4, c2)
  Romanian Baths
3886  Two white patches on top of hotel
Savings Week
3904  2L  yellow triangle instead of red-orange, right,   (r:3 c:2)
Folk Art
3918  2L        P in POSTA lacking bottom part (r:    c:9)
3925  7.50L   with year of issue  (r:4  c:9)


Birds in Danube delta
3966  50B  N in duNarii - second leg cut (r:1  c:4)


1 May 1939
4041  2L  red dot at top of 3 in 1939  (r:2   c:5)
PreOlympic Games Los Angeles
4047  5L  black dot on shoulder of first athlete  (r:3  c:3)
Olympic Games Los Angeles
4062  3L  E in angelEs - lower horizontal lines united (r:3 c:3)
  Birds of Danube Delta
4105  1L  Top birds beak, red and black displaced


4124  50B u in laUrian cut at right
4125  1L   white dot & horizontal line on jacket
  Danube - Black Sea canal
4144  1L  T in constanTa without accent
John James Audubon
4151  1.50L  black dot in middle of N in romaNa (r2, c2)
Ion Tuculesu
4157  3L  T in TARANESC without accent at base  (r:5  c:1)
4162  3L  S in SATURNIA with accent  (r:10 c:5)
National Park Retezat
4172  50B  I in SENECIO looks like 1  (r:2 c:1)
Folk costumes
4187  1.50L (f)  coloured dot on chair  (r:1 c:9)
4188  1.50L (m) black dot on shoulder  (r:4  c:8)
4188  1.50L (m) black dot on hat  (r:1  c:6)
4222  2L 2L (red colour) shifted


4233  3L   POSTA ROMA
????  50B  dot in mouth, base right
????  50B  blue dot in mountain
4246 50B  missing last L in PURCELUSUL
4249  1L   halo under is in trombonIStul
4254  red dot on pavement in front of hotel
4273  5L  n of chrysaNthemum - first leg cut
4295  2L  black dot (pe chilot l�ng� cotul st�ng) (r3, c1)
4296  halo over A in romAniei  (r1, c5)
  Stamp day
4305  2+1L  White horizontal line over POSTA ROMANA AFR
New Years traditions
4315  3L  black dot over u in buhaiul (r1, c3)
4317  5L  (cizmele ur�toarei din st�nga negre (r2-5, c1)


Peasant revolt 80 years
4338  2L  Black dot on top of a in rascoalA  (r4, c4)
4338  2L Line right top of M in roMana  (r4, c1)
4338  2L  Two dots on I in anI  (r5, c3)
Peasant revolt 80 years
4338  2L  Black dot between A&R in mARea
4338  2L  Black dot between A&N in tarANilor
4338  2L  Dot on first leg of A in Ani
Romanian banknotes & coins
4339  1L  CIRCULATIF  (not circulatie) (r1, c5)
4347  50B  white dot at beach + red dot over N in duNarii (r5, c5)
4348  1L    black dot in (afara oglinzii), base right (r2, c4)
4371  5L  L in LE 5100 missing (r7, c1)
4371  5L  L in LE 5100 looks like I. (r2, c2-3)
4408  2L  white dot between z&a in poleniZAra (r3, c2)
4408  2L  patch below N in duNarii (r1, c1)
4408  2L  white patch at base petal of flower (r4, c1)
Safety in Traffic
4412  1L  dot at second leg of N in romaNa (r2, c5)
Safety in Traffic
4411  50B  Street marking (line) interrupted at cyclists shadow


Nicolae Ceausescu 75 years
4428  2L  blue dot between O&S in pOSta (r5, c2)
4428  2L middle line of E in nicolaE detoriated (r5, c1)
Romanian pottery
4429  50B  white dot on middle vase, top, under opening (r3, c2)
Constantin Brincoveanu
4457  2L  Intense colour over coat of arms & outside frame (r4, c2)
Olympic Games Seoul
4460  2L  black dot on chest (r5, c2)
4463  5L  white dot over ro on ROmana (r4, c5)
Olympic Games Seoul
4458  50B Blue line of (m�neca stang�) cut
Romanian - chinese stamp exhibition
4465  2L  blue circle on first leg of M in roMana (r2, c4)
Olympic Games Seoul
4480  3.50L  white line on swimmers spine (r1, c5)
4480  3.50L  white line on leg  (r2-3, c5)
4481  4L  brown flag (r1, c2)
Olympic Games Seoul
4480  3.50L  Orange contour on right leg, base
Marea Unire - 70th anniversary
4517  2L    white dot under N in National + brown dot at wheat (r1, c1)
4517  2L    black dot at top between T&I in naTIonal (r5, c4)
4517  2L    white dot under R in unitaR  (r1, c5)
4517  2L    blue patch in right top corner  (r1, c4)
4517  2L    red dot over O in rOmana (r2, c3)
4517  2L    black dot under U in Unitar (r3, c2)
4518  50B     black dot in central pillar
4519  1.50L  circles between DE and LA, top  (r4, c5)
4520  2L       black dot between base of A & L in feudAL (r3, c5)
4520  2L       red dot on tree? (varful bradului) (r5, c1)
4520  2L       (crenguta in plus in varful bradului) (r3, c1)
4520  2L       grass patch (in plus pe prima brazd� din dreapta cet�tii (r3, c3)
4521  3L       white patch on M in roMana (r5, c2)
4522  4L   Vertical line helmet middle


Traditional architecture
4524  50B  Right base leg of R in Romana detoriated (r3, c4)
4524  50B  white dot at Z in Zapodeni (r6, c2)
4526  2L    black dot in right house (r9, c5)
4527  3L    black line at base of pillar, right (sc�rii) (r2, c1)
4529  5L    5 in 5L interrupted at vertical bar (r10, c2)
4529  5L    white patch in sketch of interior (r3, c5)
4529  5L    dot at S in poSta (r1, c5)
4530  50B  o in rOmana detoriated at top (r1, c5)
4531  1L    round brown patch between o&m in rOMana
4534  3L   dot inside o of Oameni, top (r1, c2)
4536  4L   m in roMana interrupted (r4, c5)
4537  5L   PALADF (r1, c2)
4537  5L   red dot under r in Romana (r5, c1)
4538  50B  dark vertical line on central wall (r1, c5)
4538  50B  dot after I in mihaI  (r5, c5)
4539  1.50L  T in posTa detoriated, right top (r1, c1)
4540  2L     white dot on right side of crane
4541  3L     grey dot on right pillar on brighter part (r5, c4)
4542  4L     patch around mast (r1, c4)
4555  1L   dot near nose (r5, c2)
4555  1L   lips (spuzit�)  (r5, c5)
4555  1L   dot on middle of nose (r1, c4)
4556  2L   dot under eye (r3, c2)
4556  2L   blue dot on forehead, two dots on 1 in 100 (r2, c2)
4556  2L   blue dot right of L in L2 (r2, c2)
4557  3L   a chip of right shoulder(r1, c4)
4557  3L   black dot under 89 in 1989 (r1, c5)
Liberation  august 1944
4558  2L  sharp accent on sociAla,
                black dot at base on 2nd leg of aNtifascista,
                dot between national & antifascista  (r1, c4)
Stamp Day
4567  2L  black dot on top of globe, dot over centre design (r1, c5)
Philexfrance 89
4569  1.50L  black dot under H in miHai (r8, c1)
4571  3L       tear at eye (r9, c1)
4571  3L       first leg of A in romanA prolonged down (r5, c5)
4571  3L       dot under T in posTa (r4, c4)
4571  3L       dot at 3 o�clock on O in rOmana (r2, c4)
4572  4L       line under M in M�nescu (r1, c2)
4572  4L       dot in bow of P in Posta (r2, c5)
4573  5L       T in posTa cut at middle by  black slanting line (r6, c1)
4573  5L       coloured dot over RE in REvolutia (r7, c1)
Moon landing
4575  0.50B  dot at middle of C on shoulder (r5, c4)
4575  0.50B  dot over O in pOsta, (r5, c3)
4576  1.50L  dot at R in andRei  (r4, c4)
4577  2L       r in formula reduced to dot (r2, c2)
4577  2L       grey patch on right shoulder (r2, c4)
4578  3L       blue patch at E in Earth (r3, c1)
4578  3L       white dot 1st leg of M in Moon, white dot at P in Posta (r5,c2)
4579  4L       white slanting (zg�rietur�) over right shoulder (r1, c1)
4580  5L       line middle of U in braUn (r3, c4)
4580  5L       O in rOmana disturbed at top (r2, c4)
4580  5L       line on N in romaNa (r3, c3)
Communist Party Congress
4583  2L    red dot at sickle  (r3, c5)