2821  55B  E & I of HOCHEI united at top
2821  55B  green horizontal line
2831  2.40L  red line in right stem  (r1, c10)


2826  20B  Second leg of N in NUTANS detoriated
2831  2.40L  red dot under n in romana
2831  2.40L  red dot between N&I in PAEONIA
French-Romanian Maximfila Expo
2837  1.50L  White dot after last A of FRANTA
           red dot over 1 in 1.50 on stamp on stamp (r1, c5)
  50 years Romanian civilian airtraffic
2840  60B  r in aeriana without beak
2841  2L    Red dot right of year (bottom left)
Soccer Mexico 1970
Block  Red dot under ball (r1, c1)
Block  Red dot over ball (r1, c2)
Blue dot under attackers shoe (r2, c2)
Red dot over attackers knee (r2, c2)
Red dot in frame near engravers name (r2, c2)
Soccer Mexico 1970

2862  5L  Yellow dot over first A in ROMANA
2862 Misplaced perforation- printers waste?
Apollo 13
2863  1.50L  Apostrophe on P in APOLLO (r1, c1)
2863  1.50L  Apostrophe on last L of APOLLO (r  , c  )
2864  35B  Coloured line under M in ROMANA
2867  1.50L  Black dot over last A of ROMANA
Red dot behind neck
  UPU Building
2875  1.50L  missing dot after last U in U.P.U.
2875  1.50L  Blue line over middle of POSTA ROMANA
Hunting on Art
2878  35B  Something red instead of brown (r2, c3)
  High water aid
2884  60B  Black dot in second 0 in 0.60
  United Nations 25 years
2887  1.50L   PACF
2892  1.50L  Sing�
2892  1.50L  Red dot in front of nose
Stamp Day
2894  55B+45B  Coloured dot over horse  (r5, c  )
Stamp Day
2894  55B+45B  Blue dot at top of stamp
2895  55B  Extra lock of hair
2909   35B   grey dot before R in ROMANA
Apollo 14
2916   3.30L   Horizontal line in A in POSTA prolonged to frame (r3, c2)
  Union Congress
2917  55B  O in SINDICATELOR interrupted
  Romanian History Museum
2927  55B  blue dot under DU in DUMITRANA
2927  55B  P in POSTA interrupted
  Botanical Garden Flowers
2944  1.50L  i under T in TASGIAN
  Art - Marine motives
2976  3L  right frame interrupted
  Painters & Sculptors
2979  40B  4 in 40 prolonged at top
2982  2.40LRed line under r in portret
Sapporo 1972
2987  55B  black dot on bobs skate  (r1, c1)
Stamp Day  
,,QM1" = first comma in first quote mark  ,,QM3" = first comma in second quote mark
2991  1.10L+90B   QM3 as an exclamation mark (r1, c2)
2991  1.10L+90B   QM3 prolonged at base  (r3, c3-4+r2,c5)
2991  1.10L+90B   QM1 prolonged at base (r3, c1)
2991  1.10L+90B   QM2 prolonged at base (r2, c1)
3002  55B  horizontal line
3002  55B  paralell lines
3003  1L    coloured dot right in face
  Young Wild Animals
3010  2.40L  O in ROMANA interrupted at base
  Apollo 16
3022  3L  T in POSTA with accent
  Danube Bridges
3031  1.35L  White dot at 5 in 1.35
3031  1.35L  Yellow line (lata la malul apei)
  North Railway Station Bucharest
3034  55B  golden  patch in tower over clock
Olympic Flame
3043  55B  Fourth olypmpic circle interrupted at base (r5, c4)
  Art: Self portraits
3046  2.90L  red dot under 2 in 2.90
3046  2.90L  base of 2nd t in Autoportret missing
Air: Vlaicu & Vuia
3048  60B  Second leg of M in ROMANA interrupted (r2, c4)
Satu Mare 1000 years
3051  55B  black dot under first leg of N in ROMANA (r5, c6)
  Davis Cup final
3052  2.75L  2 in 2.75 interrupted at top
2892  2.75L  Blue dot on cup
2892  2.75L  Yellow paper
3054  20B  white dot under 2nd A of ROMANA
  Apollo Program
3071 All colours except black shifted downwards
3078  6L  R in ROMANA with accent
3085 3.35L imperf at top 3088  5.60L  dark coloured line over 5 in 5.60
National costumes
3113  1.75L  violet dot over mans right boot(r  , c1)

National costumes
3114  2.75L  Black dot near elbow, on blouse
3114  2.75L (Halou) in top corner
3114  2.75L  White triangle on forehead
3130   60B  Blue dot on N in ROMANA
3131  1.55L  Blue dot on 1st A in ROMANA, NA detoriated
  Romanian pottery
3135  20B  Right petal interrupted
  Art:  Work
3153  1.55L  (halou) in right ear
3163  55B  Image shifted - Romana at top
3170  1.55L  white patch (la varful primei panze) (r10, c  )
  Intereuropean Collaboration
3190  3.45L  brown semicircle under 3.45
3194  20B  White dot on P in U.P.U & on 7 in 1974 (r  , c2)
3194  20B  O in ROMANA interrupted at base
3217  1.40L  1893 instead of 1693
3217  1.40L  1824 instead of 1624
  World Conference for Population issues
3218  2L  no white line in the middle
  10 years Socialist Republic
3253  40B  missing line between X and a  (X-a)
  Womens Year
3255  55B  Blue dot at neck
3262  55B  Dot on forehead  (r4, c2)
  Meter Convention
3263  1.85L  Centre medallion shifted right
375th anniversary - First union
3278  1.20L  Green dot on hat (r4, c3)
  Field flowers
3286  40B  Petal of right flower detoriated top
  Riccione 75
3291  5L   Black portrait instead of grey
3291  5L   i in Tirg detoriated at base
3291  5L  First i in Riccione interrupted
3291  5L  Missing first i in Riccione
3291  5L  First leg of n in Riccione interrupted
Pelendava / Craiova
3295  55B  dot under L in VEHAULS (r2, c2)
3301  2.75L  Red ornament top right interrupted by blue patch
3305  55B   Missing text
  Insbruck 1976
3315  1.75L  Vertical line under 7 in 76
3315  1.75L  White line on thigh interrupted
3316  2.75L  no shoelaces on skate
  Constantin Brancusi
3328  1.75L  Dark patch under CU in BRANCUSI
Coat of arms
3342  1.75L  Coloured dot on leg of P in POSTA (r3, c2)
First National Airline 50 years
3344  40B  Horizontal line at top of I in INAUGURAREA (r2, c2)
3344  40B  White dot after last E in AERIENE (top) (r4, c1)
First National Airline 50 years
3344  40B  Last A of AERIANA - last leg cut
Montreal 76
3352  55B  O in MONTREAL interrupted right (r5, c1)
3352  55B  R in MONTREAL detoriated top (r2, c4)
  Philatelix Expo (Brancusi ovp)
3365  3.60L+1.80L  0 in 1.80 interrupted
3365  3.60L+1.80L  One line of ovp shifted right
  Italia 76
3381  4.75L  Ochre dot over first e in Filatelie
  Art - Luchian
3385  1.75L  O in ROMANA interrupted right
Coats of arms - Cities
3402  55B Covasna  last A of ROMANA detoriated inside (r3, c8)
  Art - Grigorescu
3404  55B  Coloured dot at P in POSTA
3407  2.15L  Red dot at M in ROMANA
3418  1L  dot at A in POSTA (r5, c1)
3421  3.40L  black dot at frame near ducks eye (r1, c3)
San Marino
3441F 4L Missing dark blue colour
Coat of Arms - Cities
3453 55B Neamt  black patch under T in NEAMT (r3, c4)
3479  4.80L  white dot under P in POSTA
Danube navigation
3489  3.40L  Green dot at right building (r1, c2)
Romanian Industry
3531  40B  white apostrophe between O&M in ROMANA (r2, c5)
3531  40B  white dot in middle window, right top (r2, c1)
3531  40B  white dot window in second row (r5, c4)
3531  40B  blue dot on grass beneath second column of windows (r4, c2)
  Anti-Apartheid Year
3555  3.40L  black dot between T&H in ANTIAPARTHEID
3558  55B  first U in STATULUI cut (r3, c2)
3558  55B  RI in FAURIREA weak print (r5, c2)
3558  55B  long dot at third chimney (r4, c2)
Aviation Pioneers
3563  55B  first A in AERIANA interrupted (r2, c5)
3565  1.50L   black dot in band of hat(r4, c5)
3565  1.50L  black dot under motor (r2, c3)
3565  1.50L  dot on nose (r2, c4)
Dacian state 2050 Years
3571  55B  d in independent interrupted left top (r3, c2)
Romanian architecture
3601  20B  First T in TEATRUL with accent
Lake Placid 80
3669  2.15L  White dot right at bob (r4, c1)
3601  2.15L  Same, but 3mm lower (r1, c1)
International Transport Exhibition
3674  55B  Red dot between two front wheels of locomotive (r1, c4)
3677  2.15L  black bracket between train number and TIP (r9, c3)