Romanian writers
1831   1L  last A of POPULARA detoriated top
9 May 1945
1844 + 1846 something wrong with N in ROMINA (r5, c3)
Rome Olympics
Aurel Vlaicu
1861 10B    MOTO (top right)  (r    , c10)

Aurel Vlaicu
1861 10B  ZBOR interrupted at base
1861 10B  1 in 1960 missing top part
1862 20B  II in Vlaicu II longer, first quote mark tied to II
1866 1.60L No jetstream behind wing
  Party Congress
1868  55B  White dot at right in coat of arms
Industry etc
1877  55B  White dot over A in ROMINA (r10, c5)
1870  5B  Printed also on sheet margin
1870  5B  White dot - Romania unreadable
1883  1.55L  Image shifted left
Famous men
1896  1.20L  White dot after & at base of 2 in 1.20  (r5, c1)
  Childrens sports
1913  20B  O in ROMINA damaged top
1917  1.75L White dot between O & T in INOT
1918  10B  no dot between R.P (r9, c2)
1918  10b  no dot after P in R.P. (r3, c10 & r9, c5)
1918  10b  no dots after R and P  (r   ,c1)
1918 10B   Dot in P in R.P
1919 20B   no dot after P in R.P.
1920 40B   big dot between R&P
1922 1.60L  no dot after P in R.P.
1922 1.60L Open O in atropos
1922 1.60L Vertical line in P (of R.P.Roma..)tilted
1922 1.60L Broken web
1923 1.75L Rom ina
1925  55B Interrupted line in X near PACE (r4, c10)
  General Strike 1920
1926  55B  1 in 1920 shortened at base
1927  10B  White dot at a in Bani  (r2, c8)
1928  20B  Baini  (r2, c3)
1932  1.20L white dot before base of R in R.P. (r   ,c2)

1927  10B  white dot over a in Romina
1928  20B  white dot after i in Bani
1928  20B  white dot at B in Bani
1928  20B  white circle at first A in SALAU
1930  55B  break between i & n
1932  1.20L white dote after i in Lei
1943  10B  N & A in ROMINA joined at base
1949  1.55L  dark blue line on monument  - sickle interrupted
1950  1.75L  vertical colour line to first leg of M in ROMINA
  Mountain sports
1951  10B  Horizontal line of A in BANI interrupted
1951  10B  No skier (or half skier)
1955 55B  Blue color shifted vertically
1955 55B white dot under front of skis
1956  1L  line thinner under alpinist
1956  1L  line interrupted under alpinist
1962  1.35L  white dot between L &O = PrimuL Om
1962  1.35L  white dot between top of S & M in COSMOS
1962  1.35L  white dot in M in OM
1962  1.35L  white dot in bow of R in ROMINA
1972  20B  engravers signature interrupted
1972  20B  O in ROMINA interrupted at top
1972  20B  Lack of orange/red colour
1973  40B  Last 1 of 1961 shorter at base
1973  40B  Engravers signature missing dot
1974  55B  Signature united by dot
1975  1L    White dot between top of A & B in CABOTIERUL
1976  1.55L Mast retouched (prolonged upwards)
1976  1.55L Signature without dot
1977  1.75L O in ROMINA interrupted at base
1977  1.75L O in ROMINA interupted top
1977  1.75L Last 1 in 1961 damaged at base
1977  1.75L Signature without dot
1977 1.75L  Lack of orange/red colour
  Communist Party 40 years
1980  1L  Two dots  P.C.R..
1980  1L  White line between E&U in LEU top
1981  10B  Brown dot at top of middle (oglinzii)
1986   75B  RCMINA
1989  1.75L 1 in 1.75 interrupted at middle
1990  2L ROMINA;  (comma under dot)
1994  55B  colour betwwen legs of M
1996  1.75L  torch over 5 in 1.75
1997  10B  Coloured dot in O in ROMINA
1998  20B  Coloured dot in 0 of 20 BANI (top)
2001  60B  I in BANI prolonged at base
2002  1L    dark green dot in instrument
2023  35B  dot between M + I
2026  1L    break in U
  Contemporary Architecture
2034  1L     U missing second leg and R missing first (BUCURESTI)
2035  1.20L BUCWRESTI
2038   40B  BAN   (r1, c2)
  Savings Day (C.E.C)
2042  Second leg of n in Economia interrupted
2042  Both legs of n in Economia interrupted
2042  Frame broken top left
  Romanian Scientists
2076  1.35L  White dot in V in VICTOR
  Sport fishing
2082  75B  O in ROMINA interrupted
Space exploration for peace
2091  55B  ARTIFICIAL (missing I) (r1, c1)
2091  55B  ARTIFICIA   (missing LI) (r1, c1)
2093  1.75L  A in ROMANIA - missing horizontal line
           and damaged right leg (r2, c1)
2093  1.75L  LEI damaged (r2, c2)
Space exploration for peace
2087  55B  n in Romina missing second leg

  Victory of Romanian Ladies Handball Team
Pair, one w ovp, one without
2094  5L/55B  C in Campioana disturbed at top
2094  5L/55B  Top of C in Campioana missing
2094  5L/55B  First leg of M in Mondial thinner
  Victory of Romanian Soccer Team
2095  2L/55B  A (codita) on top of football??
  Vostok 3 & 4
2097  1.60L  O in DOUA interrupted
2097  1.60L  dot over A in POSTA
2100  30B   I in BANI missing top
2101  40B broken mast
2103   1.20L  A broken at top
  Design exhibition
2106  10B  B in BANI - vertical line damaged + dot after 10.
2111  1L  L in LEU cut at top
  Farm animals
2122  RCMINA
  Romanian Republic 15 years
2124  1.55L  Triangle behind RPR yellow instead of white
2124  1.55L  White oval between S+A in ANIVERSARE
  Fight against hunger
2128  1.55L  White dot at top of first leg of A in F.A.O.
2131  35B  Brown colour shifted
  Luna 4
2144  1.75L  Rocket missing red colour
  Farm birds
2145  20B  Butterflyformed dot on beak
2147  4 in 40 damaged
2162 55B white dot in plane
2163 75B  no blue colour
2164 1.35L brown colour shifted left
2165 1.75L   P in Posta with cut leg
  Famous persons
2169  comma after 1.55
  Vostok 5&6
2172  Dot in first O of COSMONAUTICA
Aurel Vlaicu overprint
2175 1.75/10B    MOTO (top right)  (r    , c10)

Aurel Vlaicu overprint
2175 1.75/10B   AFROPLANUL
2175 1.75/10B  ZBOR interrupted at base
2175 1.75/10B  1 in 1960 missing top part
2175  1.75/10B  Le instead of Lei in overprint
  Stamp Day
2193  1.55L  Shifted centre
  Insbruck Perforated
2199  60B  circle after A in POSTA (at top)
  Insbruck Imperforated
2203  10B  circle after A in POSTA (at top)
2203  10B  circle after A in POSTA (at middle)
2204  20B  circle between base of C&K of INSBRUCK
2206  55B Circle at leg of P in POSTA
2206  55B Circle at O in ROMINA
2207  60B White accent on A in POSTA
2208  75B  Cirle between base of R&O of ROMINA
2209  1L    Circle after A of ROMINA (at top)
2209  1L    Circle under bob
  Village Museum in Bucharest
2227  1.20L I in LEI
2233    55B  White dot in T of POSTA
  Cosmonauts & Astronauts perf
2241    35B  Carpenter - dent in 3
2244    60B  Schirra Shifted blue colour
2245    75B  Cooper  Imperf left
Cosmonauts & Astronauts imperf
2255    75B  Cooper White line right of helmet
2267  1.75L  E&R in PROCERUS connected
  Famous men
2289  20B   Coloured line over ear & frame broken
2292  1.20L  Top frame broken in the middle
2300  40B  I in Bani shorter at base
2300  40B  Spear cut & vertical line
  Tokyo 64 perf
2311   35B   Blue dot near 3
2316  1.55L  White circle under first leg of M in ROMANIA
Tokyo 64 imperf

2319 35B green circle missing
2319 35B dot on players back
  Bucharest Zoo
2332  1. Missing brown colour 2. Missing black colour 3. Double print
  Wild Berries
2362  35B  Green dot in O in ROMANIA
2362  35B  Idem + brown dot
2371  55B  Ranger 7:s outline retouched
  United Nations
2375  55B  Red dot in O (POSTA)
2411  1.60L  Black dot on shoulder
2412 5L Shooting  No light blue colour
2419  20B  O in FRUMOS interrupted
2420 40B Blue colour missing
2422  1 L   Red dot near crown
  Bee Congress
2425  55B  Bee shifted
2430  5B  Coloured dot at head
  Vasile Alecsandri
2441  55B  Dark brown dot at N in BANI
  Botanic garden
2442  5B   Green dot on engravers name
2443  10B  O in ROMANIA interrupted
2449  1.35L  O in ROMANIA interrupted at top
  Hunting Trophys
2461  1L  A 2mm reddish dot under OS in POSTA
2468  3.25L  Shifted colours
Chess Olympics Havanna
2480  55B  Black line under U in CUBA
2481  1L    Black line under U in CUBA
Chess Olympics Havanna
2480  55B  Red & black colour shifted left
2483  3.25L U in CUBA cut at left
2509  10B  V & N in VENUS cut at top
short right leg of N in VENUS
Top of S in VENUS split
Top of 3 cut
Stamp Day
2552  55B+45B  Part at bottom missing (r5, c3 & r2, c3)
2552  55B+45B  5 in 45 detoriated (r3, c1)
Stamp Day
2552 55B+45B Centre text inverted
2574  1.20L  Violet dot in tail of flying bird
  Romanian coins
2589   55B  dot on N in ROMANA
  Library of Romanian Academy
2619  55B  Blue dot under 2nd E in ACADEMIEI
  Coat of Arms
2633  1.60L  Red dot under second leg of A in POSTA
  Post & Transport
2656  4L  Dot on electric wire
2657  5L  Missing connecting line to Asian continent
2668  1L  Red hair
  Hunting Trienal in Mamaia
2676  1.60L  last A of ROMANA with vertical line in middle
2679  55B  Big dot
  de la Brod & Racovita
2684  40B  Red dot right eye
2684  40B  Blue dot over head
  Photographic ART (F.I.A.P.)
2712  1.60L  First O in PHOTOGRAPHIQUE with horizontal line inside
  Stamp Day
2720  55B+45B  Blue top line interrupted in middle
Folk Costumes
2737  2.40L  Flower in hat yellow instead of red (r1, c  )
Folk Costumes
2736  1.60L  c over vertical line in frame
Apollo 8
2738  3.30L  Two white dots in central crater  (r2, c1)
  Folk Costumes
2739  5B    green dot over M in roMana
2764  55B  yellow in tricolor thin, red smaller
2765  1.55L  halfmoon under map of Europe
2775 55B blue halfmoon right of ROMANIA (top border)
2773  20B  dot under A in postA
2775  55B  coloured dot inside O of pOsta
Apollo 11
2781  3.30L  second leg of N in umaN cut at top (r1, c4)
  E.R.E.N Expo
2784  40B  black vertical line after 1 in 1944
  Liberation 25 years
2787  55B  (mistria scobit� la m�ner)
2788  60B  coarse white line over red flag
2803  55B  Broken electrical line
2806  1.55L   1 in 1.55 detoriated at top (r5, c9)
2806  1.55L   coloured dot on first leg of N in romaNa , top (r4, c1)
2806  red dot on 1 in 1.55
2816  35B  first line of V in Voronet cut
2816  35B  second line of V in Voronet cut
  New Year
2810  40B  line before C in Capra
2810  40B  white line at childs head
2810  40B  "cut legs" (red & black shifted)
2811  55B  coloured dot in middle cocard of red batique missing
2812  1.50L  LE instead of LEI or E instead of LEI
2813  2.40L  LE instead of LEI