We sort these so that plate flaws (same error in identical position in sheet always)
are in the left column. To the right are transient plate flaws, print errors and I don�t knows..

1940 - 42
1940-42 Michael I for air fund
Mi 668 Joined OM
Mi 679 19+1 L 4 button variety

1941 Carol I Foundation
Mi 687 (+ I + II) Tei  instead of Lei (2+43L)  Pos 29   Courtesy:
1940-42 Michael I for air fund
Mi 673 5+1 L King looks at "Moldova spot"
Mi 674 6+1 L damaged bottom line
This flaw is found on the first four stamps in the 10th horizontal row, i.e. sheet position 91 - 94
1941 Bassarabia and Bukowina 1:st series
Mi 731 26 Leu    Long F, Letters N + I touch
appears in horizontal rows 1 and 5
1941 Bassarabia and Bukowina 1:st series
Mi 720 1 Leu      Dot after LEU
Mi 723 3 Leu      Last A of DRAGOMIRNA
1942 Transnistra
Mi 753  12 + 38L  Shadow under pen tip (all stamps in 3d and 8th column)  Courtesy:
Mi 754  24 + 26L  Bug in front of Costin (Pos 50)  Courtesy:                   
1943 Romanian artillery
Mi 788 7+7L Line through 7 + bar beneath
  1943 Romanian Engineers Union
Mi 790  Letter O in POSTA split
Liberation 1945 :
Mi. 846    75+75L    "dot after 75 + 75"   (r10, c10)
  Apararea Patriotica I
850  32+168L  i in Patriotica shorter
CGM Engels
862  120+380L  MUNCII unreadable (r2, c2)
Gazeta Matematica
900  2L    Line on forehead of Titeica (r6, c9)
900  2L    dot on top of 4 in 1945(r1, c7)
901   80L  big coloured dot at G in Gazeta (r6, c2)        
Gazeta Matematica
901   80L  small coloured dot at G in Gazeta
901   80L  dot under Z in Gazeta
901   80L  dot on aeroplane
1945-7 Michael I    see also Mihai Specialized page
930        1L sepia    with 1*L
933        4L green   I with "scar" Pic 2
                         half I in Lei (retouch of flaw above)
                         E in LEI (pf)
948y    80L orange   LE instead of LEI(pf)   Pic 2
949      80L blue       NI in ROMANIA bigger
959y  360L sepia  LE instead of LEI (r3, c9)
965    860L brown R in Romania split (r2, c2)
965    860L Compare O in Romania upper/lower row
966  1000L blue     dot over 1 (r7, c3)
969  2500L blue     dot POSTA (r8, c3)
971  5000L grey     lacking nose line (r2, c4)
971  5000L grey     line under LEI (r9, c10)
971  5000L grey     R in ROMANIA split (r4, c2)
973  10000L sepia  marked (pete)  (r1, c1)
1945-7 Michael I
932     2L "coloured cheek"Pic 2
936 10 L brownred Var 1: dot between I and A
936 10L brownred  flaw in signature or Fabrica
937 10L brownred  without engravers name + Fabrica de timbre
937 10L brownred  Dot on A in romAnia
937 10L brownred  Moustache
946  55L   Broken O in POSTA
949    80L  smear over I in LEI
959y 360L  LE instead of LEI
960   400L  print flaw left side

  Labour Day
Mi 988  without engravers initials
Earth reform
978      400+1600  REFOR in Reforma weak print

977      200+800  yellow instead of orange
Youth Organisations
993   Dot in the middle of 1 in 100  (r2, c2)
995   Colour brown shifted left
  Peoples sports
1000  10L  Cut head of right player
  Soviet-Romanian friendship
1012  1000L+5000L  Red dot at right of stamp
Democratic Women Organisation
(for further description see R. Weinbrecht)
Mi 1015  Type 1
                Type 2
                Type 3
                Type 4
                Type 5
Mi 1016   Type 2 : Coloured dot in „A" of „ROMANIA"
                      Type 3 : Smoke on the mountain in the background
"Thin left leg of "N" of "ROMANIA", only on type 2
Social relief fund
1022 I  Horizontal line through bread (r5, c7)
1020 broken O
1022 II Additional ray at top left
mi 1024 1+0 in 10 Februarie united by line (r9, c10)
mi 1024 Coloured dot in medallion  (r1, c1)
Mi 1026 I    LEJ instead of LEI
Mi 1026 II   letter A in ROMANIA underlined
Mi 1026 III pearl at 1 of 1947
Mi 1026 IV LE instead of LEI
1027  Sharp accent on 9 in 1947
Mihai  Big format
1028    3000L  E in LEI thicker
1028    3000L  frame split under LEI 3000
1029    7200L Coloured dot at root of nose (r1, c10)
1031  21000L  Dot at A in ROMANIA (r10 c7)
1032  36000L  Shiny fragments (sters�turi)  (r10, c10)
1032  36000L  dot between O & S in POSTA (r4, c2)
Mihai  Big format
1029    7200L  imperf right
1030  15000L  imperf right
1032  36000L  imperf right

Mihai  Small format
1033    1000L  Dot over 1 in 1000  (r7, c3)
1033    1000L  POSTA LEI hardly visible (r6-9, c9-10)
1034    5500L  Dot before 5500 (r4, c4)
1034    5500L  Dot between crown and ROMANIA (r2 & r7)
1034    5500L  Line at 5500 (r8, c4)
1034    5500L  Dot at M in ROMANIA  (r2, c5)
1034    5500L  (Sters�turi) Shiny profile(?)  (r9, c1-2 & r10, c1)
1035  20000L  (pete la perciune) (r9, c8)
1035  20000L  Dot inside R of ROMANIA (r10, c6)
1035  20000L  Patch in hair (r1, c2)
1036  50000L  Dot at third zero of 50000 (r10, c1)
1038 300L liniuta cu halou in dreptul rotii dintate (r1, c4)
1047 3700+3700L  C in Casa disturbed below +S in Scoalelor cut
King & country
1067   1L       point (dot) after L in LEI   (r4, c2)
1074   20L     201 LEI variety Pic 2 Pic 3  (r1, c4)
1074   20L     F in Fabrica disturbed below  (r2, c4)
1074    20L    F in FABRICA missing  (r2, c5)
1947 King & country
1070   5L     scar under eye
ARLUS  (ovp )
1084  5+5L   7 in 1947 without foot
1090  2+10L  Big accent at + between 2 +10
Balcan games
1096  1+1L  19.47
  1107   1L  RPRovp   Smudged Courtesy: Radu Eane
1124   20+20L  Labour Day Air   Three motors  (r1, c1)  
  Coat of Arms
1139  1L    U in REPUBLICA as V
1142   4L   U in POPULARA right line shorter
  Bulgarian - Romanian friendship (ovp)
1153  31/32L  3 in 31 - back more straight
1153  31/32L  E in LEI - middle line lower
1153  31/32L  I in LEI - both ends shorter
1153  31/32L  I in LEI prolonged at base
1161  ARLUS Air    Bucuresti moon  (r4, c1)  
1169  20L  BAICESCU  (r2, c1) 1169 E in BALCESCU missing top line