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sibiuyft.jpg (26347 bytes)
1932 For the unemployed 
(nice composite block 3x 5 of 2L and 2 x 5 of 5L)

1L yellow green
2L yellow green
5L yellow green
1930sibiuunemployed.jpg (24608 bytes)
1906 Romanian Cultural Association in Sibiu
5 filler yellow-green

In 2005 some remaining stock of these were overprinted: MUZEUL ASOCIATIUNII 1905 - 2005
in five colours: red, green, blue, violet, black
1919 Local tax
5L red
sibiujjj.jpg (30079 bytes)
First line: Primaria Municip. Sibiu
60L black, 200L black
First line: Primaria Municipiului Sibiu
200L black, 2000L/200L
1944 Taxa pentru extrase
200L, 500L
1940  Taxa de imprimat
5L black on yellow (no coat of arms)
5L black on yellow (w coat of arms)
10L black
SIBIU Stamp exhibition 1938
Perf 11 or imperforated
Brown, redbrown, cinnober, olive, greygreen,
black, blue
1938sibiu.jpg (28222 bytes)
SIBIU  1954 (Images from Sibiu)
Issued for the Philatelic Exhibition in Sibiu 24/10 - 8/11 1954
10 different



Sibiu Exhibition (Targul de Mostre) 1933 - 37
1. 1933 Perf 11 1/2 No wm
47_1_b.jpg (32546 bytes)
2. 1934 Perf 11 1/2 No wm All values also tete-beche

blue, carmine, olive-yellow, black
3. 1935 Perf 11 1/2 No wm

red, olive green, dark blue, orange, blue
4. 1936 Perf 11 1/2 No wm

Carmine red, violet, olive yellow, black, blue, brown (Green not listed in catalogue)
sibiu2.jpg (14128 bytes)

5. 1937 Perf 11 1/2 No wm All values with text in either romanian or french

green, brown, cinnober, violet

sibiu3.jpg (27061 bytes)