The Spic de Grau issues are filled with dots, breaks, smears and other print flaws. The intention of this page is to show flaws of the Spic de Grau issue - to make you check your collection and send us scans if you have the same flaw.

To the right: The no-face-variety (smeared + brown dot on top left sun)

Since we have LOADS of new material, and especially repeated flaws, ALL images will be moved to the
respective Value page (at left). 500 New Images!

In due time all material will be divided in 3 or 4 sub-categories:
I/ Flaw mostly in top part, incl ROMANIA   II. Flaw mostly in center  III/Flaw mostly in lower part w value  IV/ Somewhere else
moving from left to right if possible (left top corner, ROMANIA, right top corner etc) 10B, 25B, 40B fixed that way atm.