1880 PERLE Replacement Definitives
    Perf 11 A B C D  
55a 15b maroon     x      
55b 15b light brown   x x      
55c 15b red brown x x x x x  
55e 15b pale rose     x      
56a 25b dark blue     x      
56b 25b blue x x x x x  
56c 25b ultramarine   x x      
15B horizontal pair imperf in the middle
25B vertical pair imperf in the middle
Paul Hirsch collection
A nice letter
Flaw: Dot in i of BANI   Dot in first A of ROMANA

Constant plate flaws of the 15 bani duty -  illustrations from colour proofs
R 2/1 - broken left frame, 1mm from top *
R 2/8 - coloured dot under the left leg of first A  in   ROMANIA  
R 3/4  on stamp - two breaks in figure 1 in the right-side duty table **
R 3/9 - coloured dash between  A  and  N   in  BANI **
R 5/2 - coloured dot under left leg of  R in  ROMANIA  
R 6/1 - top frame broken 5mm from left *
R 8/2 - wart on left temple
(there are others, similar, but less prominent)
R10/3 and R11/3 (between the two subjects) - compartment lines **
  (two stages, at least;  not to be confused with the so-called
"double framelines", or the equally misnamed "guide lines")
R12/1 - coloured dot under right leg of  M  in  ROMANIA  
R12/5 - apostrophe between T and A  in  POSTA *
R13/8 - coloured flaw beneath and to the right of figure  1 **
  in the right-side duty tablet  
*   collectable flaw
**  major flaws


Illustrations Courtesy NSWP