1866, juli/ 1867   Carol
x means thick paper, y means thin paper, z means yellow paper
T1: Right ornaments ends at top under 2 
T2: Right ornament ends at top under 0
Thick paper Types
Thin paper   Types
2 p yellow
14x   2 parale yellow
                      dark yellow
                      orange yellow
14y   2 parale light yellow
                      pale orange-yellow
                      lemon yellow
                      yellow (medium paper)
Some nice blocks in detail   20-block
Mr Dan N Dobrescu:
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P Dica collection
5p blue
15x   5 parale blue
                      grey blue
                      light blue

15y   5 parale
thin paper             - greyblue, light blue
middle paper        -  blue, greyblue, light blue
transparent paper - dark blue
oily paper             - indigo
Corinphila Auktionen: Covers
Mr Dan N Dobrescu:  Display
P Dica collection

20p red
16x   T1   20 parale
16 x   T2  20 parale
                      dark red
                      dark red-lilac
                      dark violet-red

Plate variety, dot in right meander
courtesy: Harmers of London
16y   T1   20 parale
16y   T2   20 parale
                     light red
                     pale red

Mr Dan N Dobrescu:
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Circulation stamps Circulation stamps Circulation stamps

Corinphila Auktionen: Pair on cover
P.Dica collection

01705.jpg (42397 bytes)
note: pos 96(?) white dot behind neck
01706.jpg (65468 bytes)

Black on blue thick paper  types 123/456/123  note markings where pins secured the cliches
courtesy: Corinphila Auktionen

courtesy: Harmers of London Roberto Sciaky collection
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