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Early Romanian Postal administration in Transylvania - September 9th 1919 telegramme sent from Blaj (Hung.: Balazsfalva) to Sibiu (Hung.: Nagyszeben). Hungarian express mail telegramme 2 filler stationery stamped with
Cluj 1919 1st Transylvania issue 50 BANI & 1 LEU & 2 LEI overprinted stamps
+ Romanian pair of 15 Bani King Carol I Moldova print stamps
+ Hungarian harvesters 2x 3 filler & 2 filler stamps.
Rate written at top-left in old Hungarian currency: 7.68 (Korona).
The rate was 1 Leu = 2 Korona, so stamping meant : 3.50x2= 7 Kor. the Cluj 3 stamps + 30 Bani x2 = 60 filler Romanian stamps + 8 filler Hungarian stamps. They used only low face value Hungarian stamps as these were the only allowed by new Romanian administration.
Red censormark written by hand by "Pr. Iosif Darvasi" ( a priest). Hungarian language text.
Balazsfalva old Hungarian cancellation in greenish ink.
Courtesy: Mircea Dragoteanu