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So, back on. The 2017 page added.

You might not know... there is a huge amount of postcard images under Specialities/Postcards
This one, from the Schewifsgasse corner in Sibiu..
pre 1916
courtesy: Horst Neustaedter

A new issue:

Updated the 2017 page

Special catalogue is now COMPLETE with almost all images - 
Sorry.. Ning raised their fees to 300 USD/year.. I already pay to keep this site up
so I had to shut it down.. looking for alternatives.
Also:  Mr Yasuki Ota´s Spic exhibition from JAPEX 2007!
New Catalogue: Specialised catalogue Philatelic errors
and lots of new local revenues added
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New issues:

12/4     Europe: Castles
21/4     Extinct species
26/4     Iasi
11/5     Endangered species
17/5     Literature Museum
26/5     Collections
31/5     Childrens games
6/6       Steua Bucharest
21/6     Titu Maiorescu
29/6     Artistic Heritage
7/7       Marine paintings
14/7     They shall not pass


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