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Our aim is to make available all the information needed to get you interested in Romanian philately. 
We welcome all articles on Romanian philately, pictures of rare items, types, plate flaws, forgeries etc

LOTS of new material out (revenues, stationery, FDC, flaws etc), and now we also try to spell with Romanian letter. If you have trouble seeing the Ăs, Ţs, and Șs of Romanian, please tell us. It could be trouble in some browsers.  It will take time to change this everywhere though.
An interesting object:

There is yet lots to research in modern Romanian philately. One such thing is the papers of different
issues like the Hotel series.
Here we have flourescent and nonflourescent paper
on Mi 3734 1980 Moscow Olympics
Grateful for more such info.
A new issue:

The 2014 page is now completed!
and the 2015 page is started

Special catalogue is now COMPLETE with almost all images - 
Sorry.. Ning raised their fees to 300 USD/year.. I already pay to keep this site up
so I had to shut it down.. looking for alternatives.
Also:  Mr Yasuki Ota´s Spic exhibition from JAPEX 2007!
New Catalogue: Specialised catalogue Philatelic errors
and lots of new local revenues added
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New issues:

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