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"Zapis" (Official confirmation) from 1859
Courtesy: Valentin Robu
More about fixed revenues

Fiscals accepted as postage stamps  
Courtesy: Dinu Matei

see also:   Ing Mihai Cojocar: Catalogul Timbrelor Fiscale Romanesti

If your "mystery stamp" has a king or coat of arms on it it is most likely a revenue.
If it has a queen on it it is most likely a "Timbre de Ajutor" - Social assistence stamps.
If it carries the inscription POSTA ROMANA and it is not listed in catalogues -
check the listing for Madrid "Exile Governement" cinderellas. (Some Brasilian variations exists).

MiFin1 = Ministry of Finance 1872 - 1939  
MiFin2= Ministry of Finance 1940 -  
CUSTOMS Efecte Straine
Bills&S = Bills and spcifications pentru facturi si borderouri
RECEIPTS (and Air Fund) Fondul Aviatei pentru chitante
DEFENSE= Exceptional contribution to the national defense Contributia nationala exceptionala pentru apararea tarii
DEFENSE TAX= Exceptional tax for national defense Impozitul exceptional pentru apararea tari
JUSTICE= Ministry of Justice (Judicial stamps) Emisiunile Ministerului de finante
STATISTICAL= Ministry of Interior (Statistical Stamps) Timbre Statistice
TOURISTIC= Ministry of Interior ( Touristic stamps) Timbre Turistice
PASSPORT= Ministry of Interior (Passport stamps) Timbru pentru pasapoarte
CONSULAR= Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular stamps) Emisiunile ministerului afacerilor externe (Timbru consulare)
F. AVIATEI Aviation Fund
M. Interne Ministerul de Interne 1938

If none of the above and not in Mr Cojocars catalogue - send me a jpg!    Mats