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"Zapis" (Official confirmation) from 1859 Courtesy: Valentin Robu
Fiscals accepted as postage stamps  Courtesy: Dinu Matei
see also:   Ing Mihai Cojocar: Catalogul Timbrelor Fiscale Romanesti

The short descriptions to the left are:

MiFin1 = Ministry of Finance 1872 - 1939  
MiFin2= Ministry of Finance 1940 -  
CUSTOMS Efecte Straine
Bills&S = Bills and spcifications pentru facturi si borderouri
RECEIPTS (and Air Fund) Fondul Aviatei pentru chitante
DEFENSE= Exceptional contribution to the national defense Contributia nationala exceptionala pentru apararea tarii
DEFENSE TAX= Exceptional tax for national defense Impozitul exceptional pentru apararea tari
JUSTICE= Ministry of Justice (Judicial stamps) Emisiunile Ministerului de finante
STATISTICAL= Ministry of Interior (Statistical Stamps) Timbre Statistice
TOURISTIC= Ministry of Interior ( Touristic stamps) Timbre Turistice
PASSPORT= Ministry of Interior (Passport stamps) Timbru pentru pasapoarte
CONSULAR= Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular stamps) Emisiunile ministerului afacerilor externe (Timbru consulare)
F. AVIATEI Aviation Fund
M. Interne Ministerul de Interne 1938

Mats Blückert