Peoples Republic   1961 - 63   Pre-stamped covers with Coat of Arms

1961 Traffic rules   Type 2   c-da 334 (V/1961)

U138  55B (1L) blue
(7 images:
Motociclisti, Soferi)

1961 ADAS insurance   Type 2   c-da 1723 (17.7.1961)

U139  55B (75B) red on brown paper
(2 images)

1961 Lotto   Type 2  

U140  55B (75B) blue
(4 images)

(U141 vacant)
1961 Old and modern architecture   Type 2   

U142  55B (1L) blue
U143  55B (1L) brown
U144  55B (75B) dark violetblue
U145  55B (75B) dark bluegrey
(8 images, as U10-2)

                                                                                  Palace Concert Hall (a check after modern one...)

1961 Botanical garden Bucharest 100 years   Type 2   c-da 375 (IV/1961)

U146  55B (1L) blue
U147  55B (1L) red
(2 images, Flowers)

1961 Winter views, Ski   Type 2   c-da 995 (XII/1961)

U148  55B (1L) violet
(8 images:
(Looking at cottage, Skis on shoulder,,
Hands in pocket, Birds in tree/a>, )

1961 Views from Romania   Type 2   c-da 1202 (I/1961)

U149  55B (1L) blue
((8 images)

seems I´ll have to re-check here..

1962 Views from Carpathic Mountains  Type 2   c-da /strong>2, 66, 1059

U150  55B (1L) blue
U151  55B (1L) carmine
U152  55B (1L) dark brown
U153  55B (1L) dark violet

Type 1: 7 lines equally long 
Type 2: 5 short, 2 long

(14 images:
Mt Fagaras: Skiing (shown), Skis against wall, Winter view
Bucegi: On top (shown), Cabana Girbova, Cabana Diham, Winter, pe valea lalomitei
Mount Bucsoi)

1962 Butterflies, Birds & Flowers   Type 2   c-da 66, 155, 563 and without nr

U154  55B (1L) red
U155  55B (1L) violet

(8 images
Birds: on branch (shown), Yellow w cherry,
Butterflies: Orange w yellow flower (shown))
Dragonfly w waterlily

1962 1 may   Type 2   c-da 193

U156  55B (1L) red
(1 image)

1962 World Youth Festival, Helsinki   Type 2   c-da 564, 590

U157  55B (1L) blue
(3 images:
Torch (shown), Boy and girl, dove n globe (shown))

1962 Liberation from fascism   Type 2   c-da 607, 608

U158  55B (1L) red
U159  55B (1L) blue
(3 images)

1962 Work in foundry   Type 2   c-da 642

U160  55B (1L) blue
(1 image)

1962 October revolution   Type 2   c-da 881

U161  55B (1L) violet
(1 image)

1962 Design fair Bucharest   Type 2   c-da 913

U162  55B (1L) violet
(2 images)

1962 Views from Romania   Type 2   U163=c-da 1059  U163=c-da 1000

U163  55B (1L) blue
U164  55B (75B) black
(12 images:
Paltinis (shown))

1962 Liliput greeting covers   Type 5   No adresstext, flip side I.B.S.C.886-B.T.X. 1962

U165  35B (75B) light brown
U166  55B (1L) violet
(12 images:
Branch of decorated christmas tree +
images of oil field, industry, post, traffic,
art & sport)

1962 Traffic rules   Type 2   c-da 844 (IX 1962) 1092 (X 1962)

U167     55B (1L) blue
U167A  55B (1L) violet
(8 images
Parinti, Sateni)

1962 Football-Toto   Type 2  

U168  55B (1L) blue
(1 image)

1962 Old & modern architecture   Type 2   c-da 3238 (18.I.1962), 583 (10.III.1962)   (Specialized page)

U169  55B (75B) dark blue on brown paper
(8 images - as U101-2 & 142-45, but slightly smaller)

 (Specialized page)

1963 Folk Art   Type 2   U170: C-da 39  U171: C-da 846

U170  55B (1L) lilac red
(w Ultimuö Oficiu postal)
U171  55B (1L) bluegreen
(w Destinator)
(6 images: 2 shown,
Red: Rug and jug
Blue: Embroidery, Scarves)

1963 Folk costumes   Type 2   c-da 54, 925, 754, 837, 880
(For this issue
Michel shows what I call "Woodcut design" and lists 6 images. I have added "Folklore costumes" as a separate design, as shown. These are not listed in Michel, but seem to be issued also in 1963.)

Folklore costume design:
U172  55B (1L) carmine red
Tara Oasului (shown)
Tara Orasului 2,

Woodcut design:
U173  55B (1L) lilac brown

(6 images:
Moldova de Nord,
Jiu de Sus (shown)
Muntii Apuseni,
Tara Oasului)

1963 Romanian fauna   Type 2   c-da 72

U174  55B (1L) ultramarine
U175  55B (1L) violet

(8 images:
Pheasant, lynx, bear, rabbit, black grouse, got,
deer (shown), doe)

1963 Keeping of small animals & Fruit collecting   Type 2  

U176  55B (1L) violet  c-da 322
U177  55B (1L) blue  c-da 352
U178  55B (1L) red lilac  c-da 380
(3 images:
 Kucken?, rabbits, rose hip)

1963 Old and modern architecture   Type 2   c-da 405

U179     55B (1L) blue
U179A  55B (1L) brown
(8 images: same as U142-143
 Muntilor Apuseni (shown), Countryside archtecture (shown),
Branului-Brasov, )

                                                                               Probably not this one...

1963 Fishing   Type 2   c-da 449

U180  55B (1L) blue
(2 images:)

1963 Bucharest Museums   Type 2   14 different c-da

U181     55B (1L) bluegreen
U182     55B (1L) blueviolet
U183     55B (1L) lilac
U184     55B (1L) redlilac
U185     55B (1L) olive brown
(7 images:
Sfintelor experimentale (shown),
Th Aman Museum, Severeanu Collection, Minovici Popular Art Museum,, Numismatic exhibition, Storck museum,City History Museum )

1963 Views from Romania   Type 2  

U186     55B (1L) blue  c-da 491
U187     55B (75B) greyblue  c-da 629
(12 images: Ateneul (shown),
 Cismigiu, Herastrau Park, Pillar Bistrita)


1963 Recycling of old iron   Type 2   c-da 629

U188     55B (1L) greyblue
(1 image)

1963 Sport   Type 2   c-da 732

U189     55B (1L) blue
(5 images: Gymnastics, Bicycle, Swimming,
 Volley, rowing)

1963 Wood planting   Type 2   c-da 880

U190  55B (1L) orangebrown
(2 images)

1963 Liliput greeting cards   Type 5  

U191     55B (1.25L) ultramarine  c-da 709
U192     55B (1L) red  c-da 735
(U191 no images at left
 U192 christmas tree branch with images - as U165-66)

(U193-6 vacant)