Peoples Republic

1960 Rose

U362   55B (1L) red
U363   55B (1L) orangered
U364   55B (1L) violet
(14 images: Flowers:
Image 1, Image 2, Image 3)

1960/61 Seagull

U365   55B (1L) blue
U366   55B (1L) violet
U367   55B (1L) green
U368   55B (1L) ultramarine
(one image here looks like orange red)
(19 images:
U365-7 (1960) Black sea coast (5): (Mangalia (shown),
Mamaia - view, Mamaia - view at beach,
Eforie - view,
Stylised drawings: Constanta, Eforie, Mamaia,
Vasile Roaita

(1960) Constanta harbour (Image 1, Image 2),

U366     (1961) Ships (Nicolae Cristea, Arad;
Dobrogea, Galati, Oltenita + Tomis)

U 365, U367-8 (1961) Black sea coast (6 images)
Eforie beach (shown), Mamaia - Hotel International,

There are 2 types: dark black stamp, 3 lines (last one split) or light blue stamp, 4 lines, last a double line
My guess is that the last one is the 1961 issue

1960/62 Dolls

  POSTA placed
U369   35B (0.75)   blue vertical, top left (no bani)
U370   55B (1L)      carmine horizontal, top left (no bani)
U371   35B (0.75L) red
U372   55B (1L)      carmine
U373   55B (1L)      violet
U374   55B (1.25L) blue
U375   55B (1.25L) bluegreen
bottom left
(bani under value)

U376   55B (1L)      red
U377   55B (1.25L) carmine
top left (bani over value)
(Lots of different images and variations) Total of 4 types of stamp images

1961  Birds and butterflies  2 sizes: 32x24 or 26x20mm

U381  55B (1L) multicoloured
U381  55B (1L) multicoloured
U381  55B (1L) multicoloured
U381  55B (1L) multicoloured
U381  55B (1L) multicoloured
U381  55B (1L) multicoloured
value placed
top left
top right
bottom left

top right
top left (shown)
bottom right

1961 Botanical Garden Bucharest

U387   55B (1L) brownred
U388   55B (1L) blueviolet
(2 images)

1961 Wine

U389   55B (1L) violet
(6 images: Wine districts:
Cotnari, Minis, Dragasani

1961 Enescu

U390   55B (1L) violet
U391   55B (1L) ultramarine
(6 images: Instruments
Fluier, Cobza, Tulnic, Cimpoi, Nai, Tambal)

1961  Sport

U392  55B (1L) violet
6 different images
Swimming, Running, Bicycle (cover text different),
Skiing (shown), Walking, Wrestling

1961  Agricultural products

U393  55B (1L) multicoloured  Sunflower
U394  55B (1L) multicoloured  Wine
U395  55B (1L) multicoloured  Wine
U396  55B (1L) multicoloured  Bird 1
U397  55B (1L) multicoloured  Bird 2
U399A  55B (1L) multicoloured  Bird 3
U398  55B (1L) multicoloured  Wheat
6 different images

note:  bird 2+3 are identical
only colour changes - I guess until I get the other one

1962  Tourism

U399  55B (1L) multicoloured  (Skyscraper)
U400  55B (1L) multicoloured (Rock Babeles)
U401  55B (1L) multicoloured (Roses)
U402  55B (1L) multicoloured (Opera house)
U403  55B (1L) multicoloured (Sailing)
U404  55B (1L) multicoloured (Hotel Poiana Brasov)
6 different images - as the stamps

U403                                                                      U404

1962  Nicolae Grigorescu  (55 at right)

U405  55B (1L) multicoloured
6  images: Paintings
Ox caravan, Lady, Lady2, Lady 3, Girl
Wanderer (shown)

1962  Fishing

U406  55B (1L) ultramarine/pink
U407  55B (1L) ultramarine/light blue
U408  55B (1L) ultramarine/pink
U 406-7 Fish head / 4 different images
First one Second one
U408 Trout/ Fishing in mountain stream

1962  Seahorse

U409  55B (1L) multicoloured
6 different images:
Black Sea coast (Mamaia + Constanta (shown)
 +Mangalia + One that Ive got a small image of)
Kids playing ball, Fishing by the sea (shown)

1962/64  Sailboat   (One issue here (like "Jachting" comes in many colours - as for now I will show the motives only)

U410  55B (1L) ultramarine/pink
U411  55B (75B) dark blue
U412  55B (75B) greenblue
U413  55B (75B) blue
U414  55B (1L) greyviolet/yellowolive
U415  55B (1L) brownviolet/greenolive
U416  55B (1L) violetultramarine/light violet
U417  55B (1L) dark green/orange
U418  55B (1L) bluegreen/orange
U419  55B (1L) blue/grey (1963)
U420  55B (1L) ultramarine/grey (1963)
U421  55B (1L) light blue/pink (1964) (no perf)
Lots of different images / all in different colours
AS for now, I only show motives
U410 Black Sea Coast Constanta , Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud(+3)
U411-13 Kayak, Sailboat, Motorboat
U414-8  Canoeing, Moto-nautic, Slalom nautic,
Schif 2, , Star sailing, Jachting, Motonautica,
Slalom nautic, canoe2, kayak 2, Schiff 4+1
U419-20 Black Sea Coast
U421 Black sea Coast (Mamaia +9),
          Hydrobus , Histria Ruins

(U422  vacant)
Nicolae Grigorescu (55 at left)  c-da 882   (My guess is these are the ones looking like drawings + w no ornaments)

U423  55B (1L) dark brown/light olive
U424  55B (1L) dark olive/olive green
U425  55B (1L) violet/olive green
U426  55B (1L) dark brown/violet
U427  55B (1L) dark brown/violet
6 different images:
3 shown,

(U428-9  vacant)
Nicolae Grigorescu (55 at left)  c-da U429-32, 1021, 1056, 154  (My guess is these are the ones more like paintings + ornaments)

U430  55B (1L) brown/orangeyellow
U431  55B (1L) dark brown/ochre
U432  55B (1L) brownred/orangeyellow
U433  55B (1L) dark olive/yellow
U434  55B (1L) dark brown/light bluegreen
8 different images: Oxen (shown) , Oxen again,
Woman on horse, Lady, Yarning, Embroidery

1962  Nicolae Grigorescu (55 at left) C-da 1080

U435  55B (1L) black/ultramarine
4 different images:
Lady (shown), Lady (shown)
Oxcart, Shepherd

1962  Stefan Luchian (U 436 fine perforation, U437 coarse perforation)

U436  55B (1L) black/light blue
U437  55B (1L) black/light blue
1 image:

1962  Theodor Aman

U438  55B (1L) dark brown/light olive
1 image:

(U439  vacant)
National Pharmaceutical Congress  (white or blue paper)

U440  55B (1L) black
4 different images:

1962  Liliput greeting covers (U441 bigger butterfly stamp, U442 smaller butterfly stamp)

U441  35B (75B) violet
U442  35B (75B) blueviolet
Flowers, animals

1962  Liliput greeting cover w rose

U443 55B (1.50L) ultramarine

1963  Flower Narciss

U444 55B (1L) multicoloured
6 different images: Flowers

1963  Industry

U445 55B (75B) violet (Brazi) (shown)
U446 55B (75B) violet (Hunedoara)
U447 55B (75B) violet (Savinesti)
U448 55B (75B) violet (Sighisoara)
U449 55B (75B) violet (Tirgu Jiu)
U450 55B (75B) violet (Govora)

1963  World Peace

U451 55B (1L) ultramarine
1 image: Child w ball

1963  Red Cross 100 years

U452 55B (1L) red/ultramarine
1 image

1963  Ion Cantacuzino

U454 55B (1L) violet
3 different images:

1963  Medal: Veteran of Antifascist struggle

U457 55B (1L) ultramarine/yellow
1 image

1963  "I.L. Caragiale" school

U458 55B (1L) carmine brown
1 image

1964  Butterflies & Birds (Stamp=flower)

U459 55B (1L) blue/violet (29 horizontal lines)
U460 55B (1L) blue/violet (52 horizontal lines)
6 different images:

1964  Butterflies & Birds (Stamp=flower)

U461 55B (1L) multicoloured
8 different images:
Butterflies (6)

1964  Liliput covers Flowers & santa

U462  55B (1L) olive/red
U463  55B (1.25L) olive
U464  55B (1L) brownred

Lots of different images
U462: Birds, butterflies & animals
U463: No image to the left
U464: Children, santa, Snowman, Birds)