Peoples Republic

1959 Herbal plants   Type 2  Adress is 4 lines without explanations (3 long, 1 short & thick)

U68     55B (1L) red
U68A  55B (1L) violet
(8 images )
mar de cimp (shown), Menta isma,

1959 Flowers  Type 2

U69  55B (1L) red
(1 image: Gladiolus )

Washing machines   brown paper

U70  55B (75B) blue
U71  55B (75B) redbrown

(1 image )

1959 General store  Type 2

U72  55B (1L) red
(1 image)

Lotto   U73 - U75 Type 2  U76 Type 4 
(Note: There are many Lotto issues in following years, I cant see differences, so I put all images here)

U73    55B (75B)  blue on brown or blue paper
U74    55B (75B)  redbrown on brown or blue paper
U75    55B (75B)  violet on blue paper
U76    55B (75B)  blue on blue paper

Prono expresNr 2
prono sport,    Nr 2 Nr 3
Loz in plic (shown)  Nr 2  Nr 3  Nr 4

Loto Central  Nr 2

1959  State shops for Wool, leather, cloth & meat

U77    55B (1L)  pink
(4 images:
cloth, sheep, leather goods
cows & )

1959  Soviet Press   Type 2

U78    55B (1L)  red
(2 images )

1959  Recycling propaganda ICM

U79    55B (1L)  redorange
(2 images)

1959  ADAS  Life insurance   Type 2

U80    55B (75B)  brownred
(1 image )

1959  Folk costumes

U81    55B (1L)  redorange
(3 images)

1959  Bucharest views

U82    55B (1L)  ultramarine
(5 images
Boulevard Magheru, 23 August stadium,
Atheneum, Opera, Press house, Athenee Palace)


1959  Views from Romania  (U83= 4 lines  U84 as Destinator + 5 lines + box Oficiul Postal))

U83    55B (1L)  blue
U84    55B (1L)  orangered
(5 images)


Ateneul                                                           Cismigiu

1959  Romanian films

U85    55B (1L)  red
(2 images:
Man + woman w crown (shown)
2 men discussing)

1959  Sport

U86    55B (1L) blue
(2 images
 Youth Spartakiad (shown),
 Gymnastics at work)
(small size image) 

1959  Radio    Destinator + 5 lines + box Oficiul Postal

U87    55B (1L) grey
(1 image)

1959  Winter views

U88    55B (1L) red
U89    55B (1L) ultramarine
U90    55B (1L) violet
(15 images:
Skiing (shown), Christmas trees in Bucharest/a>,
Liberty Park, Winter landscape,
Winter in Cismigiu, Liberty Park 2, Predeal - bobs, )


1959 Winter tourism    Type 4 

U91    55B (1L) light blue
U92    55B (1L) red
Seems to be 2 versions:
1. 2 lines + 2 1/2 lines
2. 3 lines + accented line
(1 image)


Type 1: Bucegi,
Type 2: Predeal, Bucegi massive

1959-60  Five year plan 1960-65  (adress text U93-96 Destinatar+5 lines+ Oficiul Postal in box, U97 only 4 lines)

U93    55B (75B)  blue on brown paper
U94    55B (75B)  brown on brown paper
U95    55B (75B)  redbrown on brown paper
U96    55B (75B)  red on brown paper
U97    55B (1L)    orange red on white paper
U97A 55B (1L)    blue on white paper
(10 images 1959, 21 images 1960)
Electricity production (shown), Chemical industry,
Tractors, Agriculture, Apartments, Global industry
U97 - 97A
Consumer goods, Clothes, Tractors, Wood, Steel,
Siderurgy TV-radio-fridge

1959  Liliput greeting covers

U98     55B (1.25L)  ultramarine  type 5
U99     55B (1L)  ultramarine  type 4
U100   55B (1L)  red  type 5
(U98= no images
U99= 11 images (winter, christmas, harlekin, birds, flowers))
U100= Flowers (5) Birds (2)

1959/60  Old & modern architecture   Type 2   Destinator+ 4 lines

U101   55B (75B)  dark blue
U102   55B (75B)  black
(8 images)


(U103-104 vacant)
Views from Bucharest   Type 2   c-da 112(III/1960)  294(IV/1960) & 548(IV/1960)

U105   55B (1L)  red
U106   55B (1L)  violet
(11 images)


Design 1: Athenee palace,
Design 2: Stavropolous boulevard, Michael the Great statue, President Council, University Square

(U107-108 vacant)

1960  Re-cycling propaganda   Type 2
U109-12 w Destinatar + 5 lines+box, U113-15 c-da 342/(V/1960)

U109   55B (75B)  red
U110   55B (75B)  violet
U111   55B (75B)  blue
U112   55B (75B)  brown
U113   55B (1L)  blue
U114   55B (1L)  violet
U115   55B (1L)  green
(3 images)

1960  Lotto  (on blue paper)

U116   55B (75B)  blue
U117   55B (75B)  red
U118   55B (75B)  carmine
U119   55B (75B)  redbrown
U120   55B (75B)  violet
(11 images
Nu uitat, Prono express,)

1960  Agriculture  Type 2

U 121  55B (75B) red on blue paper
(1 image)

1960  Farm animals  Type 2  C-da 478 (VI/1960), 863 (IX/1960) & 1207(XII/1960)

U 122     55B (1L) blue
U 122A  55B (1L) red
(6 images - as U77 + 2 about Sheep farming)

1960  Flowers   Type 2,  c-da 112(III/1960) & 294(V/1960)

U 123  55B (1L) red
(9 images)

1960  1 May   Type 2  C-da 112 (II/1960)

U 123A  55B (1L) red
(1 image: Flowers, flag, pigeon)

1960  III congress of Communist party - Five year plan   No c-da (1960) or c-da 342 (III/1961)

U 124  55B (75B) blue on brown paper
U 125  55B (75B) red on brown paper
U 126  55B (75B) brown on brown paper
(11 images:
Electricity, steel, Agriculture, Roads, Building,
Health, Radio/TV, Education, Chemistry, Housing,

1960  Washing powder & Mineral water & Folk articraft  C-da 566(VII/1960), 815 (VII/1960), 863(IX/1960)

U 127     55B (1L) ultramarine
U 127A  55B (1L) red
(4 images:
Bottle (shown), drinking w straw from big glass,)

1960  Sport

U 128  55B (1L) blue
(3 images
 2 women (shown),
 Running (might be this one))

1960  Liliput greeting covers    no adress text

U129     35B (75B)  ultramarine  type 5
U130     55B (1L)  red  type 5
U131     55B (1.25L)  red  type 5
U132     55B (1.25L)  violet  type 5
(U129-130=  images at left
 U131-132= no images)

1960 World of work  Type 2  On blue or brown paper

U 133   55B (75B) blue
U 134   55B (75B) redbrown
U 135   55B (75B) violet
(7 images listed in Michel
 Teacher, Locomotive, Wood machine,
Nuclear reactor, Chemical Industry, High oven)
(More images: Miner, Power dam, Power dam w extra text, TV tower, Oil rig, Laboratory

1960  Buildings of socialism  Type 2   adress over whole envelope as U53-55

U 136     55B (75B) violet
U 137     55B (75B) dark bluegrey
(6 images:
some reprints of U53-55)