Peoples Republic

1956  Forest month

U241   55B (75B)  blue
U242   55B (75B)  brown
3 images: Brown bear, Bustard, protecting against insects
U243   55B (75B)  blue
U244   55B (75B)  brown
3 images: Woman w chainsaw, Logs on train, Fox
U245   55B (75B)  blue
U246   55B (75B)  brown
  3 images: Wood worker, Log transport, Rabbit
U247   55B (75B)  blue
U248   55B (75B)  brown
3 images: Floating logs, Deer, planting trees

1957  Bucharest museums  on brown or blue paper  2 images/stamp: Bucharest

U249  55B (1L) blue
U250  55B (1L) violet
U251  55B (1L) violetred

U252  55B (1L) blue
U253  55B (1L) violet
U254  55B (1L) violetred

U255  55B (1L) blue
U256  55B (1L) violet
U257  55B (1L) violetred

Theodor Aman-museum 
B-dul Magheru

Popular art museum
Triumph Arch,

U258  55B (1L) blue
U259  55B (1L) violet
U260  55B (1L) violetred
Lenin - Stalin museum  CEC  building, Atheneum
U261  55B (1L) blue
U262  55B (1L) violet
U263  55B (1L) violetred
National museum  CEC building, Postal palace

1957 October revolution  yellow or blue paper

U264  55B (75B) blue
U265  55B (75B) violetblue
U266  55B (75B) red

6 images:
Viaduct (shown),
High oven,
Old iron,
Farm machine

1957 Air  light blue (U267+U267A) or brown  paper (U267B)

U267      55B (1L) violetultramarine
U267 A  55B (1L) dark brown red
U267 B  55B (1L) lilac brown

Image: Baneasa Airport

NOTE: Same w text "PAR AVION"
on stamp, see Air Mail
note: same size in RL

1958 Folk art      light blue or brown  paper

U268    55B (75B) blue
U269    55B (75B) violet
U270    55B (75B) brown violet
U271    55B (75B) blue
U272    55B (75B) violet
U273    55B (75B) brown violet
U274    55B (75B) blue
U275    55B (75B) violet
U276    55B (75B) brown violet

3 images: U268-70 Folk art U71-76 Harvest (2)

1958 European Academic Championships Womens rowing              light blue  or brown  paper

U267   55B (75B) blue
U267   55B (75B) violet
U267   55B (75B) brown violet

1958 6th World Youth Meet in Moscow  - light blue or brown paper -

U280  55B (75B) blue
U281  55B (75B) violet
U282  55B (75B) brownviolet

Image: "23 august" Stadium

1958 First Soviet Satellites  - light blue or brown paper - 1 image

U283  55B (75B) blue
U284  55B (75B) violet
U285  55B (75B) brownviolet

Nuclear plant
U286  55B (75B) blue
U287  55B (75B) violet
U288  55B (75B) brownviolet

1958 Petroleum Industry 100 years              light blue  or brown  paper

U289   55B (75B) blue
U290   55B (75B) violet
U291   55B (75B) brown violet
Image: Hunedoara High oven

1958 Post minister conference of East bloc  (light blue or brown paper)

TV-antenna, signal vawes
U292  55B (75B) blue
U293  55B (75B) violet
U294  55B (75B) violet brown

Shortvawe & telegraph
U295  55B (75B) blue
U296  55B (75B) violet
U297  55B (75B) violet brown
2 images:
Iron works,
Roman Glass works Azuga

1958 Emil Racovita  (light blue or brown paper)

U298  55B (75B) blue
U299  55B (75B) violet
U300  55B (75B) violet brown
1 image:
Galati wharf

1958 Fruit Harvest              light blue  or brown  paper

U301   55B (75B) blue
U302   55B (75B) violet
U303   55B (75B) brown violet
Image: Sugar factory Livezi

1958 Constanta

U304  55B (75B) red/light blue
Image: Harvester

1958 Red Cross  1 image

U305  55B (1L) ultramarine/red

(U306 free)

1958 Cooperation Congress  1 image

U307  55B (1L) lilac carmine
on brown paper
U307A 55B (1L) light blue
on brown or white paper

1958 National Pharmaceutical Congress  1 image

U308  55B (75B) dark brown

1958 Romanian stamps 100 years

U309  55B (1L) brown

U310  55B (1L) light blue

U311  55B (1L) dark blue

Romania nr 1

2 images: Post coach
One, Two
12 images: Bucharest
Bl Magheru, Lake in park  StatueAthene Palace
Culture park,
Great Colections Palace

Calea Victoriei

U312  55B (1L) light blue Post rider
2 images: Bucharest

1958 Folk costumes   White raw or smooth paper, with printed perforation or without  (lots of varieties and errors)
Also ... some has Destinatar, others not.. some have Oficiul Postal, others not
NOTE: Michel Ganzsachen is a bit vague here - but shows 12 motives. I go by order in Michel stamp catalogue....

U313  55B (1L) carmine
U314  55B (1L) blue
U315  55B (1L) redorange
Eforie - pe plaia
Oltenia woman

U316  55B (1L) carmine
U317  55B (1L) blue
U318  55B (1L) redorange

Mamaia - 1 May Hotel,
Tara Oasului man

U319  55B (1L) carmine
U320  55B (1L) blue
U321  55B (1L) redorange
U322  55B (1L) carmine
U323  55B (1L) blue
U324  55B (1L) redorange
Tara Oasului woman
Bucharest - University Square                                Vasile Roaita - The beach
Transilvania - man

U325  55B (1L) carmine
U326  55B (1L) blue
U327  55B (1L) redorange

Athenee Palace, Casa Scinteii, Mamaia - Lake Siut-Ghiol,
U328  55B (1L) carmine
U329  55B (1L) blue
U330  55B (1L) redorange
Transilvania - woman
Bucharest - Ateneul
U331  55B (1L) carmine
U332  55B (1L) blue
U333  55B (1L) redorange
Muntenia - man
Athenee Palace, Casa Scinteii
Muntenia - woman

U334  55B (1L) carmine
U335  55B (1L) blue
U336  55B (1L) redorange

Bucharest - view from Cismigiu park, Eforie - rest homes,
Banat - man

U337  55B (1L) carmine
U338  55B (1L) blue
U339  55B (1L) redorange

Mamaia - bath, Folk costumes,
Banat - woman

U340  55B (1L) carmine
U341  55B (1L) blue
U342  55B (1L) redorange

Vasile Roaita - Beach view, Folk costumes,
Moldova - man

U343  55B (1L) carmine
U344  55B (1L) blue
U345  55B (1L) redorange

Eforie - pe plaia, Folk costumes
Moldova - woman

U346  55B (1L) carmine
U347  55B (1L) blue
U348  55B (1L) redorange

Folk costumes,

1959 Agriculture

U349  55B (75B) winered
U350  55B (75B) winered
U351  55B (75B) winered
U352  55B (75B) winered
U353  55B (75B) winered
U354  55B (75B) winered
U355  55B (75B) winered

cows (2 versions)
I.V. Mitschurin
Pioneers planting

All w 1 motive except
Sunflower that has 2

1959 Bucharest 500 years

U356  55B (1L) carmine
5 images: Bucharest

1959 Red Cross

U357  55B (1L) brown/red
U358  55B (1L) blue/red
U358A  55B (1L) red/red
(unlisted, also seen orange/red)

(Images: Sun + bottle,
 Boy + bottle, Girl w card)

U359  55B (1L) brown/red
U360  55B (1L) carmine