Peoples Republic

1954 No image, same adress text as U23, price at right  Size: 150x96

U24  55B (70B) red to carmine on blue paper
Larger image

1954 As U24  Size: 158x112 to 160x114  U25: Regiunea___Raionul___ U26: Raionul:_____Regiunea:____

U25  55B (70B) red to carmine on blue to green paper
U26  55B (70B) red to carmine on blue to green paper

Adress starts with Ultimul oficia postal

U27  55B (1L) orangered
(14 different many-coloured images of Romania
View from Bucegi,   View from Tusnad, Arad, View of Baia Mare
Peisaj din tara, Peisaj din munte,
Casa de odinha (Rest home), Casa de odhina 2, Casa de odhina 3
Tractor, Harvester + electricity (shown)


Larger image

1955 Folk costumes

U28  55B (1L) orangered
(2 images)
Courting (shown) & Lady in dress

Adress starts with Ultimul oficia postal

U29  55B (75B) black on blue, brown or yellow paper
U30  55B (75B) blue on blue, brown, white or yellow paper
U31  55B (75B) bluegreen on blue paper
U32  55B (75B) carmine brown on blue paper
(12 different one-coloured images: 
Hunedoara steel mill (shown), magazine stand, mail man,
agricultural mechanisation, mobile post agent, foundry,
electricity, telegram, mail train, viaduct)

1955 Pioneers building model plane or boats

U33  55B (1L) orange
(2 different)

1955 Day of the Marine  (as U27)

U34  55B (75B) bluegreen on brown paper
(1 bluegreen image)

1955 Insurance (unlisted)  Postmarked 1957, and with adresstype like 1954-55

UXX  55B (75B) blue

Colour images  7 lines w explanations, box w Oficiul Postal   Type 2

U35  55B (1L) orangered
(8 views from Romania
Harvester, Electricity masts, Folk costume 1, Folk costume 2,
Model ship building)


1956 Small Greetings envelope - no adress text   Type 5

U36  55B (1L) bluegreen
(10 images: Santa, Christmas bell, Dog, Bird, Flower, Fruit, Harlekin, Horse shoe)

1957 One-coloured images   Type 2

U37  55B (75B) blue on yellow paper
U38  55B (75B) red on blue or yellow paper
U39  55B (75B) redbrown on blue or yellow paper
U40  55B (75B) black on blue or yellow paper
(6 different images: Peasant woman (shown), Harvester,

1957 Tourism  (as U35)   Type 2

U41  55B (1L) red
(4 images)

SPECIALISED PAGE    (Would really like images of U41)

1957 Wood  (as U35)   Type 2

U42  55B (1L) orangered
(5 images:
Motor saw (shown), Truck w logs,
Logs on river)

1957 Small Greetings envelope - no adress text   Type 5

U43  55B (1L) ultramarine
U44  55B (1L) dark green
(U 43 12 images: Birds, Children, Lucky charm, Flower, rabbit, duck & egg
 U44  15 images: Winter, Christmas decoration, Christmas tree

U45-47 vacant
Insurance  (5 lines + a box)   Type 4   brown paper

U48  55B (75B) blue
U49  55B (75B) brown
(1 image)

U50 vacant
Recycling propaganda  (as U48-9)  Type 4

U51  55B (1L) blue on blue paper
(1 image)

1957 Tourism  (as U35)   Type 2

U52  55B (1L) red
(4 images)


1958 Adress in three lines over width of envelope   Type 4

U53a  55B (75B) blue on blue paper
U53b  55B (75B) blue on brownish paper
U54a  55B (75B) brown on blue paper
U54b  55B (75B) brown on brownish paper
U55    55B (75B) red on blue paper
(12 different images - Industry, Harvester, Sport stadium,
Airport, Folk art, Metal industry Hunedoara,
Woman w hands into something  Azuga glass works,
Rolling mill, Sailing

U56 vacant
Views from Romania . Two varieties - with lighter Oficiul postal box or empty box   Type 4

U57  55B (1L) black on blue paper

(12 different images - Danube delta, Bucharest - swansDimbovicioarei bridge, Lake Herastrau sailing,
Slanic Prahova 1, Slanic Prahova 2,

Javelin statue, Lake Amara, Lake Herastrau - birches, ,
Sunset at Danube    that´s 10/12


1958 Insurance . Adress= Destinatar + 5 lines + a box w Oficiul postal  Type 4

U58  55B (75B) blue on brown paper
U59  55B (75B) brown on brown paper

(4 images )

1958 Tourism . Adress w 5 lines   Type 4

U60     55B (1L) blue on white paper
U60A  55B (1L) black


1958 Tourism  Destinatar + 4 dotted lines   Type 4

U61     55B (1L) ultramarine
U61A  55B (1L) orangered

Cismigiu, Ateneul, Arad, Poiana republicii, Predeal, Sinaia 1, Sinaia 2


(U62 vacant)
Nationalisation of Savings bank 10 years    Type 4.

U63  55B (1L) blue

(1 image)

1958 First Romanian stamps 100 years

U64  55B (1L) blue

(2  images - Post coaches)

1958 Liliput greeting covers .

U65     55B (1L) blue  type 4
U65A  55B (1L) grey ultramarine  type 4
U66     55B (1L) ultramarine  type 5
U66A  55B (1L) red   type 5
U67     55B (1.25L) ultramarine  type 4
U67A  55B (1.25L) ultramarine  type 5

(U65-66 Winter motives, Christmas, Flowers, Birds, rabbits
 U66A Flowers (5) and Bird (1)
 U67-67A no images at left)