1900 Form divided into three parts w black text    185:25mm

TB1  80B green/pink , white carton
tele1-smll.jpg (4436 bytes)  
TB2  1L greybrown/pink , white carton
00tele2a.jpg (3591 bytes)

1900 "Felicitari-telegram"     131:90mm
Form divided into three parts w black text

TB3 25B blue, white carton  
telegram1-2.jpg (3902 bytes)

1905 Front divided into 8 fields, to the left 27 rows instructions      240:165mm

TB4    60B orange red
TB5    75B brown
TB6    1 L green/black

1905 "Felicitari-telegram"    Capital letters      165:114mm

TB7     25B blue
05tele2.jpg (3679 bytes)

1906 as TB 4-6 but 26 rows of instructions     240:165mm

TB8    60B orange red
TB9    75B brown
TB10  1 L green/black

Red overprint

 27 rows
TB11       60B orange red   (TB4)
TB12       75B brown          (TB5)
TB13 I     1 L green/black   (TB6) ovp 13
TB13 II    1 L green/black   (TB6) ovp treisprezece
Larger                                                                      Larger
26 rows
TB11a I    60B orange red   (TB8)  ovp 5
TB11a II   60B orange red   (TB8)  ovp CINCI
TB12a     75B brown          (TB9)    ovp OPT
TB13a      1 L green/black   (TB 10)
5/60B  Larger                                 CINCI/60B  Larger                   OPT/75 Larger

1907  As before, but now 165:132mm

TB13A      50B  dark orange
TB13B      60B  orange red
TB13C      75B  brown
TB13D      1 L green/black

1908   "Felicitari-telegram"   Red paper  Imprint top left

TB14        25B blue          131:90mm
TB14A     25B blue           163:118mm

1908   Text in 6 lines    Red paper     132:115mm

TB 15      25B blue  
ps-telegraf07.jpg (4977 bytes)   

1909    Tipografiate    Red paper   120x160mm

TB 16      25B blue
09tele2.jpg (6073 bytes)

1909, november    Text: Telegrama-bun    Red paper    120x160mm

TB 17      25B blue
telegram2.jpg (6354 bytes)

1912    as TB 16 but text TELEGRAMA   Red paper   120x160mm

TB 18      25B blue

1921    Bust mare

TB 19      25B greyblue
unrecorded: 25B brown
21tele.jpg (10341 bytes)

1922    Bust mic

TB 20    25B yellowish brown

1932-7   Carol II in circle

unrecorded     1L lilac

1942   Michael  With stripes diagonal from top left to bottom right

TB 21     80L greyblue
TB 22     100L blue

1948  TB 21-22 with ovp

TB 23     02.00L on 80L
TB 24     06.00L on 100L

66telegr.jpg (14553 bytes)

As an added bonus, some extra, related, material: Telegrama Mandat, 2+1 L Spic
Telegrama Mandat Interne, 2+1L Spic
Courtesy: Yaman Auctions