Peoples Republic               

1955  Type 2  cd 458

TB 24  10B blue

1965  Type 2  cd 458

TB 25  10B black

1966/78  value bottom right, horizontal lines background

TB 26  10B black, greyish paper
TB 27  25B black, white paper

1982  value bottom right, vertical lines background

TB 28  25B black, greyish paper  

1982  posthorn with lightning bolts

TB 31  25B black, white paper  

TB 31 was issued with different Cod-nr and varieties. Between april 1991 to october 1991 the price was raised from 25B to 2L.
Remaining TB 31 was sold at new price with corrections made by hand or hand stamp.
From December 1992 telegrams no longer was issued with a stamp image.