1907/08  Design "Tipografiate"  (All images clickable for larger image)

Mi A18  MP 18   5B yellow-green, white carton (green text) Type I: On yellow  Type II On yellowish
mponsd2.jpg (2434 bytes)
MP 18e  TII w error: Iabela de taxare (instead of tabela) and "presnu se chimba" (instead of "nu se preschimba")
Mi A19  MP 19   5B yellow-green, white carton (black text)           UPU     
(for a long time I had an image of MP28 here. Sorry. Striped lines where to write sums: MP19 3 in middle, 2 at right.  MP28 2 in middle, 3 at right))


Mi A20  MP 20   5B yellowish-green,  white carton
Mi A21  MP 21   5B yellowish-green,  cream carton
mponsd3.jpg (2865 bytes)
Mi A22  MP 22   5B yellowish-green,  dull green carton (white reverse)
mp3-5.jpg (3104 bytes)
Mi A23  MP 23   5B yellowish-green,  yellow carton
mp3-4.jpg (3076 bytes)
Mi A24  MP 24   5B yellowish-green,  pink carton (white reverse)
mp3-2.jpg (2923 bytes)
Mi A25  MP 25   5B yellowish-green,  light blue carton (white reverse)
mp3-3.jpg (2839 bytes)
Mi A26  MP 26   5B yellowish-green,  grey carton
mponsd1.jpg (2667 bytes)

1910 No pricelist under stamp - instead for MP27 three text lines
          for MP28 2 fields

MP 27a   5B yellowish-green,  white carton
MP 27b   5B yellowish-green,  light yellow carton
MP 27E   5B yellowish-green,  white carton  SFRVICIU
MP 28     5B yellowish-green,  brown-yellow carton   (UPU)
mp3-1.jpg (3166 bytes)

1917   Iasi issue  (Not Tipografiate)

MP 29    5B black, cream or grey carton

1919   Mandat Postal in changed letters.Text green. Circle bottom left thick. 3 lines extra text at right: "Taxa de factaj...."

Mi A29a   MP 30b   5B emerald green
Mi A29b  MP 30a   5B dark matted green

1919   Mandat Postal in changed letters.Text green. Circle bottom left thin.

Mi A30  MP 31    5B green, grey carton