1894  Change of colour

MP 5   25B green
moneyorder-94-25bgreen-2.jpg (9360 bytes)

1894   Coat of arms to the left

MP6   25B violet, white carton
mp25blilac.jpg (9839 bytes)
a/ coupon perforated  (Larger image)
mp6-2nn.jpg (13479 bytes)
b/ coupon imperforated
MP7a  25B violet, yellow carton (UPU)
mp7-1nn.jpg (13316 bytes)
a/ coupon perforated
b/ coupon imperforated
MP7b  25B violet, red-yellow carton (UPU) (mentioned in CMR, but not in Michel - my guess is that MP7b also exists with coupon perforated)
moneyorder94-25berr-2.jpg (9665 bytes)

1899   Changed colours

MP8   25B blue, white carton
mp25bblue2.jpg (10290 bytes)
MP9   25B blue, yellow carton (UPU)
mp25bblue.jpg (8336 bytes)
Larger image


MP 10   5B green-blue, white carton
mp5bgreen2.jpg (9023 bytes)
MP10a  Both rate columns with large numbers, footnote 105mm
MP10b  Both rate columns small numbers, footnote 104mm
MP10c  Both rate columns small numbers, footnote 118mm
MP10d  Left rate column small numbers, right column large numbers
MP 11   5B green-blue. yellow carton (UPU)
moneyorder00-5b-2.jpg (8630 bytes)

1901  MP 8 + Mp9 with red ovp

MP 12   5/CINCI/BANI on 25B blue
01-moneyordersmall.jpg (6182 bytes)
MP 13   5/CINCI/BANI on 25B blue - backside white or yellow
moneyorder01-25b-2.jpg (9020 bytes)

1901-05   Change of colour

MP 14   5B yellow-green, off white carton
MP 15   5B green, yellow to brownish carton, UPU
money01-norm.jpg (7542 bytes)
moneyorder-01-5bvar-2.jpg (7010 bytes)
variation (bottom text)

1903    Black print instead of green

MP 16   5B  emerald, yellow carton

variety: Austro_Lungaria

1905    In the instructions, Austro-Ungaria is replaced with Creta and Muntenegru

MP 17   5B  yellow-green, yellow carton
moneyorder05-5b-2.jpg (8549 bytes)
MP17 sent to France, nice franking