1891  Numbers in 4 corners

CPi1   5B black, grey carton
90-5b-2.jpg (4441 bytes)
a/ 127-140:80-85
b/ 126:94
CPi2   15B light brown, buff carton
90-15b-2.jpg (5867 bytes)
a/ perforated
b/ imperforated

1894 Ear of wheat

CPi3a   5B blue, light grey carton
CPi3b   5B blue, dark grey carton
inchisa5bblue-3.jpg (6198 bytes)
CPi4a   15B red, white carton
cpi4a1.jpg (5714 bytes)
CPi4b   15B red, brown carton
76059-2.jpg (7344 bytes)
5b blue, sent to Guatemala, a beauty
Courtesy Ing Chris Trevers

1899 Ear of wheat

CPi5   5B emerald on gray
cpi5a.jpg (4338 bytes)
CPi6   15B black on buff
cpi6a.jpg (5861 bytes)

1900  Marirea, same porto as cpi, but circulated "in raionul oraselor"

CPi7   10B red, grey carton   small D
a/ heading 56 mm long
b/ heading 62 mm long
CPi8   10B rose, grey carton (1906)   large D

1900 With a second imprint, left top.

CPi9   5 + 5B emerald green, grey carton
cpi7a.jpg (4808 bytes)        error: second imprint shifted:cpi5bgreenearsmall.jpg (6943 bytes)


Cpi 10   15B lilac on buff

1903-04 Text in 2 rows: Carta Postala / Inchisa. No border.

CPi11   15B grey lilac on
a/ cream
b/ buff
CPi12   15B violet on cream
76071-2.jpg (7480 bytes)

1907  Tipografiate

Mi K12  CPi13  10B red on gray
cpineww.jpg (16563 bytes)
Mi K13  CPi14  15B violet on white

1909  Colour change With (TII) or without accent (TI) on A in ROMANA

Mi K14  CPi15  15B olive
white carton
cream carton

1910  Paper colour change  With (TII) or without accent (TI) on A in ROMANA 

Mi K15  CPi16  10B deep rose on cream


1915  Fourth line (Valabila...)  removed

Mi K16  CPi17   10B deep rose on cream