1931 - 48


CP97   2L green, light yellow carton
1932-liten.jpg (5663 bytes)
CP98   2L green, dark yellow carton
CP99a  2L green, light yellow carton (new design)
CP99b  2L + 2L green, cream carton


CP100   6L sepia, white carton
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1932   New design

CP101   3L green,  cream carton
psth085-2.jpg (6777 bytes)


CP102   6L sepia, light yellow carton
ps1939sibiu2.jpg (6589 bytes)
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CP103   1 + 4L green, white carton
To support building of an triumph arch (see big ill.)
1934pcrare-2.jpg (3467 bytes)


CP104   13L red, yellow carton
cpth21s-2.jpg (3272 bytes)


CP105   3.50L green, cream carton


CP106   4L blue, yellow carton
1939-2.jpg (6816 bytes) 
CP107   3.50L + 3.50L red, yellow carton
cp1941min.jpg (6897 bytes)


CP108   4L blue, yellow carton
39440-2.jpg (6554 bytes)


CP 109   5L blue, yellow carton
cp5min.jpg (6247 bytes)

1941 Cetatea Alba

CP 109-2   6.50L blue on yellow


CP110   12L dark red, yellow carton
cp12-42min.jpg (7939 bytes)
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1943 Transnistra

CP110-1  6L brown
42transn2.jpg (5194 bytes)
CP 110-2  12L blue

1943 Overprint  on unissued card

CP 110-3   4.50L / 9L
cpth25s-2.jpg (3179 bytes)


CP111   9.50L blue, yellow carton
cp950min.jpg (6345 bytes)
CP112   10L dark sepia, yellow carton
1944-1b.jpg (6590 bytes)
CP113   20L dark sepia, yellow carton

1946  Michael facing right

CP114  40L brown violet on buff , return adress at angle
cp40Langle-2.jpg (4312 bytes)courtesy: Dinu Matei
CP115  40L brown violet on buff , return adress horizontal
cp46-v2.jpg (4889 bytes)

1947  Michael facing right

CP116   140L brown violet on buff
cp140L-2.jpg (4624 bytes)courtesy: Dinu Matei

1947 Michael facing left

CP117  1000L brown violet on buff
cp1000L-2.jpg (4597 bytes)courtesy: Dinu Matei
CP118  7000L brown violet on buff
cp7000L-2.jpg (4449 bytes)courtesy: Dinu Matei

Currency reform 47
1947 Michael facing left

CP 119  7.50L grey on cream  Romania & imprint not connected
CP 120  7.50L grey on yellow Romania inside imprints frame

1948  CP 110-3 with black overprint & CP 118 with red overprint

CP121   6.00 on 4.50L red
a/ Question part
b/ Answer part
cp8-sistb.jpg (5733 bytes)courtesy: Dinu Matei
CP122   6.00 on 7000L violet brown
a/ Question part
b/ Answer part