Peoples Republic               

(P280-285 vacant)
1960  Winter images 
type 4

P286   30B  dark violet
(8 images)
Bush in snow,
2 trees+ fence
Forest on slope

View at Cristian
Liberty Park
Isolated cabin
Winter at the cabin


1960  Lotto    Type 4  7 images

P287   30B blue
P288   30B redbrown
P289   30B dark violet


1960  Views from Romania  type 4

P290   30B  dark blue
P291   30B  red lilac
P292   30B  dark violet
(8 images
Danube delta, Constanta station)
Cluj: Botanical Garden, Park view , Cultural Palace


Can be found w 3 or 4 lines, dotted or straight, and with or without price vertical, see Specialized page

1960  Radio    Type 4  4 images

P293   30B blue
P294   30B dark greyblue
P295   30B brown

Junior (shown), Hora

1960  Views from the Carpathia mountains    Type 4  23 images

P296   30B dark violet
P297   30B purple violet
P298   30B dark greyblue
P299   30B dark brownviolet


1960  Design Fair Bucharest    Type 4  1 image

P300   30B dark violet

1960  Constanta railway station  type 4

P301   30B  dark blue
P302   30B redbrown
(6 images)
Buses outside, Chairs,
At night, Interior, Platform
Vedere de ansamblu

1960  Re-cycling propaganda    Type 4  1 image

P303   30B black
P304   30B violet
P305   30B dark green
P306   30B olive
P307   30B redbrown

(P308-311 vacant)
1960  Press    Type
4  2 images (showing many more......)

P312   30B dark violet
P313   30B blue violet

Soviet press
Soviet press 2
Ziare si reviste
Subscribe 1961

30B (50B)red Soviet press= Peace press (unrecorded)

1960  Cosmetics    Type 4  2 images

P314   30B dark violet
Tooth paste (shown), Carnaval eau de cologne

1960  Savings week   Type 4  1 image

P315   30B dark greyblue
P316   30B violet purple

1960  October revolution Day (7/10)    Type 2  2 images   (P317A unrecorded)

P317    30B (50B) violet
P317A 30B (50B) red
Flag (shown), Shield + flags

1960  Romanian writers   Type

P318   30B (50B) brown

12 two-coloured images/ portraits:
Alecsandri, Alexandrescu, Balcescu (shown), Bolinteanu
Caragiale, Cosbuc, CreangaDelavrancea, DoniciEminescu, Negruzzi, Vlahuta

1960  Forest month    Type 4  2 images

P319   30B violet

1960  Medal / Liberation from fascism    Type 2  1 image

P320   30B (50B) blue

(P321-322 vacant)
1960  Carta Postala Militara    Type
4  Adress starts with: "exp. U.M. Nr 0"

P323   30B (-) indigo
P324   30B (-)redbrown
P325   30B (.)olive brown
Crossing river (shown), Artillery + tanks,
23/8 1944, Troop transports

1960  Lowered price - Overprint:  Pret nou de vinzare/30/Bani
a collection   Part 1   Part 2   

P326   30B/40B dark olive
P327   30B/40B violet
P328   30B/40B ultramarine
P329   30B/10 under 30Bdark olive
P330   30B/40B dark olive
P331   30B/40B dark olive

(P332-335 vacant)
1961  Agricultural propaganda 
type 4

P336   30B blue
P337   30B brown
(3 images:
 Feeding cow, )

1961  8/3 and 1 May  type 2

P338   30B (50B) violet
             30B(50B) red (unlisted)
2 images:

1961  Liberation from fascism  type 2

P339   30B (50B) violet
(1 image)

1961  Romanian Communist Party 40 years  type 4

P340   30B blue
P341   30B dark redbrown
(16 images: Industry & Agriculture:
Decorative art, Miner, Statue, Welder
Agriculture 1, Agriculture 2, Soviet soldier statue
Penicillin factory, Rubber industry, Jilava
Hunedoara, Romanian soldier statue
Thermo centrals: Borzesti, Doicesti, Paroseni, Comanesti)
+ 1 more

1961  Haricleea Darclee  type 2

P342   30B(50) dark greygreen
P343   30B(50) dark brownlilac
(1 image)

1961  Radio  Unlisted   type 2

PXXX   30B(30) black
(1 image)

Radio Intim - exceptional quality!

1961  Views from Romania 
type 2 or4  Adress starts "Ultima oficiu postal

P344      30B dark blue
P344A   30B dark olive
type 4  (c194)
Stadium (shown)
P345      30B dark greyblue
P345A   30B ultramarine
P345B   30B dark blue
P345C   30B brown
P345D   30B redbrown
type 2  (c580, c585, c980)

(P346-350 vacant)
1961  Insurance 
type 2or 4  c 385 or c580

P351     30B blue
P351A   30B siena
(2 images)

c385, (ao) perf stamp      Destinatar                          c580 (am) imperf stamp  Ultimul oficiu postal

1961  Re-cycling propaganda  type 2  c580

P352   30B redbrown
(1 image )

1961  Handball  type 2

P353   30B blue violet
(3 images: Men (shown),
women )
, Men

1961  Design fair Bucharest  type 2 

P354   30B blue violet
(1 image )

1961  Radio  (unrecorded)  type 2   c585

PXXX 30B blue violet
(1 image )

1961  Month of gifts  type 2  c980

P355   30B dark blue
(1 image )

1961  Blood-donors  type 2  c980  

P356   30B dark blue
(6 images:
Nurse + donor, arm + bottle, medicins
Ambulance, Surgery,)

1961  Winter tourism  type 2  c980    (hard to distinguish from P345D)

P357   30B dark blue
(Poiana Brasov, Sinaia - Hotel Alpin, Predeal (shown)

Bucegi: 3 skiers (shown), 1 skier, Rocks)

1961  Savings week  type 2

P358   30B blue
(1 image )


(P359-361 vacant)
1962  Bucharest museums (Military museum) 
type 2  c-da 36

P362   30B dark carmine
             30B dark blue
(5 images:
middleage weapons,
historical paintings:
I. Lazar: Horia la Galde
Gh. Labin: Battle at Jilistea,
Weapons room,
Statue by C. Codeanu)

1962  Month of gifts:   type 2

P363      30B blue
P363A   30B redbrown
P363B   30B dark carmine
P363C   30B dark olive
(3 images
Woman, Child (shown), Family)

1961  Cartea prin posta bookstore  type 2  c-da 637

P364   30B redbrown
(1 image)

1962  Views from Romania:   type 2  c-da 175 (Arad), 304, 579 (ONT excursions), 836, 1005 (cemetery)

P365      30B indigo
P365A   30B redbrown
P365B   30B orangebrown
P365C   30B dark brown
P365D   30B dark olive

(P366 vacant)
1962  Special Days: 1/3, 8/3, 1/5, 1/6 
type 2  c124, 426

P367   30B (50B)ultramarine
P368   30B (50B)violet
(6 images:
8/3 (shown), 1/3 w birds, 1 May, 1 june )

1962  Cow farming  type 2  cd 304

P369   30B orangebrown
(1 image: Cow & sheep)

1962  Hunting & fishing  type 2  c-da 414

P370   30B redbrown
(8 images:
Cerb carpatin, baby deer
Fishermen (3))

1962  Writers  type 2  c-da 617

P371   30B (50B) brown
(6 twocolored images
Hauptmann, de Vega, Herzen, Rosseau,
Dickens, Caragiale

1962  Cosmetics  type 2

P372      30B brown
P372A   30B dark olive
(5 images:
Opera lipstick,
Soap Tosca, )

1962  Romanian personalities  type 2  c-da 975

P373   30B (50B) dark violet
(8 two-coloured images:
 Babes, Cobilescu, Davila, Marinescu , Vuia
+ 3 more)

1962  Savings week 
type 2 

P374   30B dark violet
(1 image)


1962  IV Targ de Mostre  type 2  Unrecorded

PXXX   30B brown
(1 image)

1962  I.C.S. Magazine Universal "Victoria" type 2 c-da 36    Unrecorded

PXXX   30B lilac red
(1 image)

(P375-377 vacant)

1962/63  Re-cycling of old iron 
type 2  c-da 655 (1963)

P378      30B blue
P378A   30B brown
(1 image)