Peoples Republic                 (from here on we use Michel numbers)

1955 Agriculture

P436   30B blue
P437   30B blue
P439   30B blue
P440   30B blue
P441   30B blue
P442   30B blue
(7 different pictures to the left:
 3 about fighting insects (Gargarita, Gargaritele, ), Pesticide for larger production, 1 vaccination of birds, merino sheep
2 about raising productivity (preparind paiolor) , 1 Agriculture magazines)

vegetable field




1956  Wood month 

P443   30B blue  (tree)
P444   30B brown  (tree)
P445   30B blue  (tree planting)
P446   30B brown  (tree planting)
(12 different pictures:
8 about wood industry: (2 more than stated in Michel)
Capercaillie, Line carrier for logs , Floating timber, Bridge & mountain stream,
Rolling a log, Wood worker, Falling tree, Plant school
4 Lotto: Loto Central, Loz in plic, Prono express

1956  Dangerous insects

P447   30B blue
P448   30B blue
P449   30B blue
(3 picture: fighting insects
Gindacul, Colorado)

1957  October revolution - Statue of Lenin  (special card w propaganda image inside)

P450   55B (1L) ultramarine (yellow paper)

1957  Snowdrop

P451   55B (1L)  blue
(2 pictures)

this looks more like a letter than a postcard, but until I see images that say otherwise,
let´s obey Michel and believe this to be a postcard

1957 Snowdrop (Carte postala ilustrata -  pentru felicitar)

P452   1.10L (1.75L)  blue

(P453 vacant)
1958  Red Cross

P454   30B (50B) brown/red

1958  Romanian stamps 100 years

P455   30B  brown
P456   30B  blue

1958  World Conference Labour youth , Prague

P457   30B  blue

1959  Blood donors

P458   30B  multicoloured

1960  Cuza University 100 years

P459   30B  dark brown
P460   30B  blue
P461   30B  violet red
P462   30B  dark green

1960  Flower

P463   40B (1.90L) blue/red
(on the flip side different flower pictures or one with 2 girls in a park)

(P464 vacant)