Peoples Republic               

1954/55 Small Coat of arms   Views from Romania  (all on white paper)  Type 1

P169   30B blue
P170   30B brown
P171   30B redbrown
P172   30B dark brown
P173   30B dark olive
P174   30B dark green
(20 different pictures (1954) + 9 pictures (1955)
Bucharest: Republic Blvd, Another street, Bd N Balcescu, Workers block, Workers block 2, "Red Strike"  CEC building
Timisoara: Institute
Cluj: State Theatre & Opera)
Slanicul Moldovei: Vacation house  Vacation house 2,
Craiova: College
Orasul Stalin: Houses, "Red Flag" Block
Calimanesti   Ploesti   Tusnad


1954/55  Pioneers  (all on white paper)  Type 1

P175   30B blue
P176   30B brown
P177   30B redbrown
P178   30B dark olive
(5 different pictures:
Boatbuilding, study circle, reading,
accordeons, medicine plants)

Larger image   (type b)

1954/55  Birds  (all on white paper)   Type 1

P179   30B brown
P180   30B redbrown
P181   30B violetbrown
P182   30B dark olive
(1 picture Larger image)
Note: By P169 - 182 there is 2 varieties: a/ 6 line adress  b/ 5 line adress

1954  Gratulation cards (illustration on flip side) (vertical line in middle with sale price)  Type 1

P183a   38B (85) brown (white paper)
P183b   38B (85) brown (yellow paper)
P184     38B (1L) blue

(P185-190 vacant)
1955  Work safety in Wood, Carpenting, Blacksmith, Chemistry lab   Type 1

P191   30B  brown (white paper)
(7 pictures)
Wood train, work bench, Truck,
Worker, Chemistry lab, Chain saw,
Lumber transport  Lumber on river
To learn about the workers security, visit the companys technical security room :-)

1955/56  Newspapers  Type 1

P192   30B  dark green (white paper)
P193   30B  dark violet (white paper)
(2 pictures)

1955/56  Savings & Lotto  type 1

P194   30B dark green (white paper)
P195   30B dark olive (yellow paper)
(2 pictures   Interior, Pioneer)


1955/56  Views from Romania on flip side  (white or yellow paper)  CARTE POSTALA  Type 2

P196   40B  (50) dark olive
P197   40B  (50) violet
P198   40B  (1L) ultramarine
(one-coloured or manycoloured views or
gratulation motives on flip side,
 Lipova, )

1955/56  Views from Romania on flip side  (white or yellow paper)  CARTE POSTALA/ ILUSTRATA  Type 2
Adress starts with Destinatar + 4 dotted lines and one straight line

P199   40B  (1L) blue on white paper
(one-coloured or manycoloured views
or gratulation motives on flip side:
Triumf Arch, Casa (Scintei?))

1955  Folk Dances  on the flip side Drawings of folk dances  CARTE POSTALA  ILUSTRATA  Type 2

P200   40B  (1L) blue
(7 images: Mazarichea, Salajana, Gioc )

(P201-205 vacant)
1956  Army    Type

P206   30B  olive
(6 images)


1956  Fire fighters   Type 1

P207   30B  brown
(1 image)

similar to P249

1956  Unlisted  International Women Workers Congress Budapest 14-17/6 1956  Type 1 w first design of adress

PXXX   30B brown

1956  Unlisted  Pioneers  Type 1 w second design of adress

PXXX   30B brown
              30B black

(same as P175-178
 still w first stamp design
 but with new adress
 w boxed Oficiul postal +

Circle study                                                              Picking herbs

1956  Movies   Type 1

P208   30B  dark blue
(6 images)
Ciocirlia, Cind se ridica ceata,
Alarm in the mountains,
Storm Bird 1, Storm Bird 2
Vultur 101 

1956  New design / Destinator + 5 lines + Box with Oficiul postal   Type 3

P209   10B under 30B  (75B)  olive
P210   40B  (75B)  olive

(P211-215 vacant)
1957  Faltkarte (?) Size 254x73mm Propaganda image   Type

P216   55B (1L)  blue on yellow paper  

1957  Pressabbonement, Mineral water, Household appliances (3 images)   Type 1

P217   30B blue
Mineral water

1957  Savings week   Type 1 (Michel) or 2 (shown)

P218   30B (50B)  brown
P219   30B  (30B)  olive


1957  Unlisted  International Union Congress Leipzig  Type 1 w second design of adress

PXXX   30B blue

1957  Unlisted  Lotto  Type 2 w second design of adress

PXXX   30B brown


1957/58  Views from Romania   Type
4  5 images (Expeditor+2lines, Destinator+5lines, Box with Oficiul Postal)

P220   30B redbrown
P221   30B olive
P222   30B dark green

images: Tepes tower & Danube Delta  (shown),
Huniazilor castle, Scropoasa lake, Bran castle



1957/58  Bird farming   Type 4  1 image 

P223   30B blue
P224   30B redbrown
P225   30B olive
P226   30B dark green

Larger image

(P227-229 vacant)
1958  Carta Postala Militara   Type
2  in the middle text "Gratuit"

P230   30B (-)  dark blue
P231   30B  (-) brown
P232   30B  (-) dark olive

Images: Machine gun (shown), Scouts,
On guard, Line on ridge, Tanks, Group, Father+child+flag


1958  Pioneers   Type 4  13 images

P233   30B dark blue
P234   30B redbrown
P235   30B
dark olive


boatmodel builders

1958/59  Insurance   Type 4  3 images (1958) + 3 images (1959) 

P236   30B blue
P237   30B brown
P238   30B violet brown

Another image, Third image (58)


1958  Views from Romania   Type 1 or 2  (Left: adresa Expeditorului + 2 lines, Right: / lines w lots of headings + box w Oficiul Postal)
                                                                         Note: The design of the adress text only used on these


30B (30B)
30B (30B)
dark olive
type 1
Onecoloured images

Bucharest: CEC building

30B (50B)
30B (50B)
80B (1L)
80B (1L)
dark bluegreen
dark olive
dark bluegreen
dark olive
type 2
Twocoloured images
(Bran castle, Tepes tower,
Bucharest fountain), Ateneum, Bucharest, Lake Scropoasa
40B (50B) violet type 2
Onecoloured image on flip side

1958  Agricultural propaganda  type 4

P245   30B blue
P246   30B redbrown
P247   30B brown
P248   30B dark green

(7 images (1958) +
 2 images (1959)
Collectives 10 years

Electric fenceWheat
Chickens S.M.T.
Vegetables Wine
Autumn plowing-rich harvest

1958  Fire fighters   Type 4

P249   30B  brown
(1 image: Fire engine)

1958  Supermarket    Type 4

P250   30B  greenblue
(1 image)

1958  Savings week   Type 4   1 image

P251   30B blue
P252   30B brown


1958  Views from Romania on flip side  (white, grey or yellow paper)    Type 4

P253   40B  (75B) dark olive
P254   40B  (1.75L) cyan blue
P255   40B  (2L) cyan blue
(one-coloured or manycoloured views on flip side)

1958  Press   Type 4

P256   30B blue
P257   30B brown

(P258-263 vacant)
1959  Glass    Type
4  1 image

P264   30B brown  

1959  Lotto    Type 4  4 images

P265   30B blue

1959  Press   Type 4   2 images  (Postman on bike)

P266   30B red
P267   30B black
P268   30B redbrown

1959  Carta Postala Militara   Type 4  in the middle text "Gratuit"   7 images

P269      30B (-)  blue
P269A   30B  (-) redbrown
(Images: navy (shown),
man w child cheering parade (shown)
Monument  Military helps farmers)


1959  1 May Felicitare   Type 5  3 images (banners)  small format 113x60mm

P270   40B (75B) blue  

1959/60  Production increase 1959-65  type 4

P271   30B blue
P272   30B dark redbrown
P273   30B redbrown
P274   30B blueviolet

21 images:


1959  Agricultural propaganda (Sunflowers)   Type 4  1 image

P275   30B cobalt
             30B brown (unlisted)

1959  Passenger ship "Transilvania"   Type 4  1 image

P276   30B cobalt
P277   30B brown

1959/60  Views from Romania   Type 4  Twocoloured images (and a middle line w note that price is 50B)

P278   30B (50B) dark brown
P279   30B (50B) violet brown

(Images: Ploesti + Cismigiu (shown)
Peles castle
Huniazilor castle
Satul Cosbuc)
Atheneum, Bran castle


can be seen w Destinar + 3,4 or 5 straight or dotted lines, see Specialized page