Stationaries issued in Jassy (Iasi)

1917, march   "Carta postala"  46 mm, Thin weapon shield

CP72   5B blue,  grey carton
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A nice copy, prisoner of war to Zürich, Swedish Red Cross Committe
CP73   5B red-brown,  grey carton

1917, june  "Carte postala" 49-57mm , wide weapon shield

CP74a   5B blue,  grey carton
     74b   5B blue,  light yellow carton
     74c   5B blue,  green-grey carton

1918, june

CP75   10B light blue,  green-grey carton
Type1: 3 punctuated lines, 1 straight
Type2: All lines punctuated
Type3: All lines straight, the last one double
Error:  No "Romania" on a Type 3 card
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1918  Tipografiate

CP 76   10B black,  grey carton
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CP 77   10B black,  blue carton


essay - Courtesy Chris Trevers

About this essay + a used copy!

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