Imperforated on one side
(note - it is quite common with sheets perforated in only one direction - creating stamps imperforated on 2 sides -
these we sort under pairs imperforated in the middle)
1920-27 Ferdinand 5L- imperf top
1926 Ferdinand 60 years a collection
1931 Army 1L -imperf top
  Air 10L imperf right
1935-40 1L Carol II
10L Carol II
20L Carol II
imperf bottom
imperf left
imperf left
50+50 swimmer
4+1 rowing
imperf right
imperf right
1938 50+50 Maria imperf right
1939 7L Carol I 100
7L Carol I 100
imperf right
imperf top
1945 20+180L Apararea patriotica imperf right
1945 160+1840L Parisconference imperf right
1947 7200L Michael
15000L Michael
imperf right
imperf right
1948 Romanian-Bulgarian friendship imperf top  courtesy: Dinu Matei
1948 Constitution 1L red imperf left  courtesy: Dinu Matei
1948 6L Fabrica de Timbre imperf top imperf top  2nd image courtesy: Dinu Matei
1948 10L Coat of Arms imperf top  courtesy: Dinu Matei

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a nice item
A stupid forged "imperforated stamp"