Well, all first issue bull heads are outstanding......

27 par 54 par 81 par 108 par
but, then, what do you say about a letter with 27p, 81p and two 108p...  Courtesy: AskPhil

Second issue

5 par 40 par 80 par
1876-9 Bucharest 1st issue -
The 5 bani blue error of colour 
Largest known 10 bani block containing the error
1879 Bucharest 2nd issue -
5b rose of 1879
Modelar de Culori - signed by Cantacuzino
And now some "Ear of Wheat" stunners!!
25 Bani blue error, 1st setting (8/1)
Block of 150, error in 1st setting
25 Bani blue error, 2nd setting (3/8)
Cover, error in 2nd setting
Cancelled block of 9, incl the error of colour, from the 2nd setting 1900 printing, no wmk, Error of colour 10b orange
2L in 4-blocks mint, different wm:s 15 Bani violet imperf 4-block used
Block of four of the 5 bani green (137D), last printing on unwmkd paper, type I & II 10 Bani red, double print
Inverted Large Wmk, Cmpl block 25 bani blue,Large Wmk, imperforated blocks
10b red 1900 Unwmkd, Double Strike 10b red 1900 Unwmkd, Double Strike

Tesatoarea - Proof of the 3 Bani 4-subject transfer block
1906 - Carol I 40 ani de domnie

Corner block of 25B green/black

Gravate 1908 Gravate - a beauty!

German occupation 3 first Germania without MViR overprint Certificate
Ebay 2004

Ferdinand 1920-25 definitives
3 lei blocks showing types I & II

1930 Airs - 5L imperf pair

 1939 - all booklets

Taxa de Factagiu - original pencil/ink drawing of the 1895 design

Assistance - postage dues - block of 4
Unissued, Moscow