Targu Mures


November 1944   Edition I:  Overprint through king's face (200 sets)    Edition II:  Overprint clear of king's face (250 sets)
PTM1   1L     Violet Tgmures8.jpg (41439 bytes)
PTM2   2L     Orange
PTM3   5L     Dark Carmine
PTM4   10L   Lilac Red
PTM5   16L   Dark Blue
PTM6   20L   Brown
PTM7   1L     Lilac
PTM8   2L     Brown
Varieties:  Due to the lack of complete sheets or large multiples, this issue has not been  completely plated.  The following major typographical varieties are known:
a TRANSILVANIA positions 4, 5, 39, 59, 79, 89  
b TRANSILVANIA positions 60, 70, 80, 90  
c TRANSULAANIA positions 25, 27  
d TSANSILVANIA position 35 1,2,10,16,20L Tsansilvania
e TRANSILYANIA position 42  
f TRANSILVNNIA position unknown  
7 different varieties 2L


L-TM1-59.jpg (55682 bytes) L-TM1c.jpg (39993 bytes)
L-TM1d.jpg (47750 bytes)
From Jay T. Carrigans collection:

50 bani dark green  
50 Lei olive black tgmproof.jpg (11177 bytes)
Courtesy of  Dr Mircea Dragoteanu
forgerdely.jpg (40044 bytes)