1944 november
Hungarian stamps with black overprint  Posta Romana 1944 
Overprinted by order of the postmaster with a handstamp carved by hand in wood.  According to the Sighet protocol, the handstamp was burned after overprinting.   Printed in black ink which generally bleeds through to the back of the stamp.  All stamps in greenish-black ink (blue-green from the back) are forgeries.   No covers or genuinely used examples have ever been found. 

sighet.jpg (92500 bytes)
PS3    8   Filler             Green-Olive
PS4    10 Filler             Brown
PS5    12 Filler             Green
PS6    18 Filler             Grey
PS7    20 Filler             Brown-red
PS8    30 Filler             Carmine
PS10  1   Pengö           Green

sighetg1.jpg (6930 bytes)sighetg2.jpg (6705 bytes)sighetg3.jpg (10508 bytes)

PS1    1   Filler             Green-grey
PS2    4   Filler             Brown
PS9    50 Filler             Slate Grey

"The 1f, 4f and 50f stamps may not have been officially issued, although I saw and examined some about 1956, and found the overprints to be genuine, If those were unauthorised, as they now seem to have been, they nevertheless have been struck with the original handstamp allegedly destroyed shortly after use. "
F. Konrad              "The American Philatelist" Nov 1981   

Ten copies of the Red Cross 30+30 and 50+50 were also overprinted, but never sold at the PO, and are comsidered proofs.

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