1945 (27 january)  Hungarian stamps from 1943-44 overprinted                                             Three types
A display of this issue
PO1 60F on 6F Grey-Blue (Mi 710)  
PO2 60F on 8F Dark Green (Mi 711)  
PO3 1P   on 1F   Green-grey (Mi 705)  
PO4 1P   on 2F   Orange (Mi 706)  
PO5 1P   on 3F   Blue (Mi 707)  
PO6 1P   on 4F   Brown (Mi 708)  
PO7 1P   on 5F   Red (Mi 709) 1p/5f Inv ovp
PO8 1P   on 18F  Grey (Mi 714) 1p/18f Inv ovp
PO9 1P   on 30F   Carmine (Mi 753) Gold overprint    (courtesy: Robert Hoefer)
PO10 1P   on 10F   Brown  (Mi 712)  
PO11 2P   on 20F Red-brown (Mi 715)  
PO12 3P   on 20F Olive Brown (Mi 754)  
PO13 3P   on 30F Carmine (Mi 736)  
PO14 3P   on 30F Carmine (Mi 753)  
PO15 3P   on 30F Red-brown (Mi 756)  
PO16 3P   on 80F Brown Olive (Mi 738) 3p/80f Shifted ovp
PO17 3P   on 80F Brown-carmine (Mi759)  
PO18 4P   on 50F Blue (Mi 737)  
PO19 4P   on 50F Blue (Mi 757)  
Po20 5P   on 12F Green  (Mi 713)  
PO21 5P   on 24F Purple  (Mi 755)  
PO22 5P   on 1P Green (Mi 739) Weak print 5



























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First Issue cover   courtesy: Jay T Carrigan


Sheet proofs of the overprint - all courtesy Sorin Pantis
60f 1 p 2 p
3 p 4 p 5 p


Identical overprints on
Hungarian porto stamps
from 1941/1942
All colour: Red-brown

PO 23   2P    on 2F
PO 24   2P    on 3F
PO 25   4P    on 4F
PO 26   4P    on 6F
PO 27   4P    on 8F
PO 28   4P    on 10F
PO 29   4P    on 12F
PO 30   4P    on 30F


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1945 (7 March)
Litographed on coloured paper. No watermark. Perforated 10 1/2 or imperforated (all values)
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or1945Oradea2-5.jpg (60655 bytes)
PO 31.   10F     Brown on Brown
PO 32.   20F     Ultramarine on Blue
PO 33.   30F     Brown on Orange
PO 34.   40F     Violet on Dark Violet
PO 35.   50F     Brown on Green
PO 36.   60F     Red on Pink
PO 37.   70F     Green on Dark Violet
PO 38.   80F     Red on Orange
PO 39.   1P       Carmine on White
PO 40.   1.50P  Red on Green
PO 41.   2P       Dark Brown on Yellow
PO 42.   3P       Grey on Pink
PO 43.   5P       Olive on Blue
PO 44.   10P     Violet on Orange
PO 45.   20P     Green on Green

In two colours, imperforated
PO 46.   10F     Brown and Red on Brown

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PO37 I   70F     Designers signature retouched
PO39x    1P       Thin paper
PO39y    1P       Thick yellow paper
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Courtesy of  Dr Mircea Dragoteanu




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Courtesy of  Dr Mircea Dragoteanu

Courtesy: Jay T Carrigan