Issue: 5.000 of each value.  Design: Dr Ernst Krauss.
Printed by Josef Hientz in Sebes-Alba in sheets of 100
Text:  S.K.V.  SECTION-MÜHLBACH   Bistra-Post
SKV= Siebenbürgischer Karpatenverein   Mühlbach= Sebes-Alba
bistra3.jpg (8136 bytes)Courtesy of  Dr Mircea Dragoteanu
PLB1.       2 Heller brown on yellow paper
PLB2a      2 Heller brown on white paper
PLB2b      6 Heller brown on light yellow paper

Rilki.jpg (17856 bytes)
Courtesy of  Dr Mircea Dragoteanu

Hotelpost stamp Bistra of 6 heller used on piece of cover,
tied by the linear postmark of Johann Rilki, the administrator of the local courier
between 1909-1912. Brownish-yellow spots all arround the perforation,
usual for Bistra stamps on cover due to the low quality of the gum.


a little extra cinderella:
Membership card for the Siebenburgisher karpathen-Verein 1936-39