Figments of imagination -

Left pink 27 parale...
Right the 1881
5, 25, 135P
Moroiu forgeries
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After reading Billigs Handbook of forgeries we´ve decided to give our forgery pages a more structured (BIGGER!!) look.  To the left you will find the index, linked to the different issues.
In the middle you will find authentic stamps, with a description of what makes them authentic.
You will also find links to the different possible forgeries.
To the right will be the forgeries with description of what makes them just that.
To start with most pictures are scans of the old b/w pictures in the Handbook.
We hope sincerely that you will take some time and supply us with high quality colour jpgs
of all items depicted here plus more

SPECIAL:   A collection of Fournier forgeries
All credit to: Fritz Billig & Otto E. Stiedl

The Adolf series: 4, 8, 10, 24p, 120
seems like all values probably exist in dark blue, light blue, green and red
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