BOGUS or: Do-it-yourself or: Shit
but they are sometimes seen for sale so this is to blacklist them
Let´s start with a warning for seller STAMPOL on eBay

Hungarian stamps overprinted:
I have only seen these mint, and never on a letter
so unless anyone proves me wrong, these are bogus
Mangalia - local revenues / debated issue
Bogus10bb.jpg (8051 bytes)
Home printing
aaadfb.jpg (8100 bytes)
ROdessa.jpg (21328 bytes)

Famous since they got listed in Michel!!
Produced in New York, has nothing
whatsoever to do with Romania, Odessa
or Russia. Bogus.

Nice try - but not even close
This issue was not overprinted by the romanians
and even though the text is OK it never looked like this..
vforge1.jpg (19519 bytes)vforge2.jpg (17278 bytes)
Two sheets of real stamps with private propaganda overprint. Non-postal.

bogus overprint
bogusovps.jpg (28195 bytes)dec241-2.jpg (20929 bytes)
dec242-2.jpg (32233 bytes)nov179-2.jpg (11364 bytes)
Display from one joker - he got "The little printer" for Xmas
The infamous Pocutia overprints
Was for sale on ebay, seller "abelikow"
The latest addition - on sale on ebay