III. Propositions of 1 january 1865

Towards the end of 1864 the governement of the united principalities decided to reduce the postal tariffes and to replace older issues with an issue printed with more modern methods

3A.    First proposition
This project carries no inscription. In the centre an eagle with the emblems of Moldavia and Valachia. In the bottom right corner three letters: MRF.  Believed to have been rejected because the Wallachian Eagle had been given a more prominent position than the Moldavian auroch.
(According to Ingham these were proposed by a Belgian printer for the 1866-67 Maximilian issue in Mexico,
 I have a note from somewhere saying: Engraved by Martin Rister.   Printed by de la Rue,
watermark on A1 nr 2 points towards the La Croix Freres as printers)
In the latest Corniphilia auction there is a sheet of six - which divides these into those printed as singles (my guess 1 - 5)
and those printed in sheets of 6 (my guess 6 - 12)

A1  Single format proofs , printed on big fragments of papier de Chine
(two red examples found with part of (probably) La Croix Freres watermark)
Corinphila states this as issued in these colours: Black, red, green, brown, blue.

1. Rose

2. Carmine

3. Light Blue
1865-19.jpg (2304 bytes)
4. Blue  
5. Green
1865-20.jpg (2382 bytes)

A2  Printed on white wove paper, no watermark 

6. Red
1865-21.jpg (2318 bytes)
1865-17.jpg (2815 bytes)
8. S�pia
1865-16.jpg (2660 bytes)1865-18.jpg (2525 bytes)
9.Dark blue  (big image) 10. Olive green 11. Green
1865-23.jpg (2661 bytes)

A3 Printed on bluish paper

12. Blue
1865-22.jpg (2566 bytes)

3B. Second proposition  

A star with a bulls head in the middle. In top triangle the number 2 and in the bottom triangle the word PAR.
Heraldic motives in the other 4 triangles. Some of these essays have a black PROBE overprint.

Printed in black on coloured, smooth, even paper. Colours indicated are paper colours. 2 Parale all.

1.  Bright Yellow 2.  Yellow
1865-5.jpg (2272 bytes)
3.  Yellowish brown
4. Blue
1865-6.jpg (2851 bytes)
5. Green 6. Grey-green
1865-4.jpg (2666 bytes)
7. Carmine
1865-7.jpg (2752 bytes)
8. Rose
1865-8.jpg (2734 bytes)
9. Brown
10. Orange    

Printed on coloured paper, smooth & even

11.  Green on Rose 12. Brown on Yellow 13. Brown on Grey

Printed on coloured, ripped paper

14. Rose on Brown 15. Green on Brown 16. Brown on Clear brown

Printed on grey wove paper

17. Black 18. Grey
1865-11.jpg (1859 bytes)
19. Bright yellow
1865-12.jpg (1937 bytes)
20. Yellow 21. Rose 22. Brick red
23. Dull red 24. Brown 25. Violet
26. Lilac-carmine
1865-9.jpg (2394 bytes)
27. Green
1865-10.jpg (2576 bytes)
28. Blue
1865-13.jpg (2391 bytes)
29. Clear blue    

Printed on grey, laid paper

30. Brown
1865-15.jpg (2423 bytes)
31. Dark brown 32. Rose
1865-14.jpg (2155 bytes)
33. Carmine    

Prestamped envelope essays
Envelopes 13 x 7 mm with embossed essay printed in relief in top right corner

Courtesy Heinrich Koehler

A. Blue. white paper B. Dark brown, white paper C. Carmine-lilac, white paper
D. Blue, bluish paper E. Yellow, white paper  

3C. Third proposition  

These are the first projects carrying the words ROMANIA. Some of these has beeen found with a black PROBE overprint.
Nr 1 - 32 Circles as frame, 33 - 42 lines as frame

 Coloured paper, coarse printing (doubtful status)

1. Orange on Rose 2. Brown on Dark green 3. Brown on Yellowish green
4. Green on Olive green
1865-26.jpg (2107 bytes)
5. Ultramarine on Azur
1865-27.jpg (2977 bytes)
6. Black on Grey
Blue on bluish
1865-25.jpg (2811 bytes)

Grey wove paper, coarse printing (doubtful status)

7. Grey 8. Rose
1865-32.jpg (2480 bytes)
9. Red
10. Brick red
1865-24.jpg (2711 bytes)
11. Carmine 12. Yellow
13. Olive-yellow 14. Orange 15. Blue
1865-31.jpg (3726 bytes)
16. Ultramarine 17. Dark blue
1865-29.jpg (3712 bytes)
18. Blue-grey
19. Green
1865-30.jpg (3523 bytes)
20. Dark green 21. Violet
22. Brown
1865-28.jpg (3255 bytes)
23. Red-brown  

Grey laid paper, coarse printing (doubtful status)

24. Yellow
1865-33.jpg (2498 bytes)
25. Orange 26. Brown
27. Dark blue 28. Yellowish green 29. Dark green
30. Rose
1865-34.jpg (2462 bytes)
31. Red 32. Carmine

White, smooth & even paper, fine impression

33. Grey 34.Rose
1865-2.jpg (3100 bytes)
35. Red
36. Carmine 37. Green 38. Yellow
1865-1.jpg (3099 bytes)
39. Orange 40. Blue 41. Light blue
wpe1.jpg (2226 bytes)
42. Ultramarine