XXIV-II. 1920-25 Definitives

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Does anybody know what this is??

For this issue one sometimes encounters a lot of impressions of unknown status and origin.. They are printed in a wild variety of colours, on different types of paper, with watermark "wavy lines" horizontally or vertically. Some are undenominated others have values printed, sometimes with values that were never in use, like 25 Lei, 60 Lei, 90 Lei, 120 Lei etc
Listen to the words of Cohen:

"Il ne má pas été possible jusqu´à ce jour d´ecarter certains doutes que j´ai sur l´authenticité de ces essais"
It has not been possible for me until this day to eliminate certain doubts that I have concerning the authenticity of these essays.

As these would slow down the loading of this page immensely through their
sheer number we have chosen to show them on separate pages
1.  Undenominated
2.  Grey paper
3.  White paper
4.  Watermarked, white paper (big file)