XIX. Welfare issues of 1906

During 1906 four different welfare stamp issues were issued to support the organisations Policlinica, Tesatoarea and Elisaveta (patron Queen Elisabeth) and Obolul (patron Princess Maria). A competition in the magazine Architectura led to the following propositions:
bienf1.jpg (6073 bytes)bienf2.jpg (7059 bytes)bienf3.jpg (8533 bytes)
(illustrations courtesy Filatelia 7-8 2000)
The "Nurse" series took its motive from these four cinderellas:
binef41.jpg (9430 bytes)
(illustrations courtesy Filatelia 7-8 2000)

XIX A. "Nurse" series
1. 3 B Violet, printed in blocks of 4, background also Violet, paper 10 1/2 x 8 1/2 cm

XIX B. "Weaver" series
1. 3 B Yellow-brown, printed in blocks of 4,  paper 10 1/2 x 8 1/2 cm

2.   3B yellow-brown 3. 5B green 4. 10B red 5. 15B lilac

binef51.jpg (15625 bytes)
(Illustration courtesy Filatelia 7-8 2001)

XIX BA. "Spinner" series

binef61.jpg (6388 bytes)

XIX C. "Angel" series

Printed in London, by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co

Test printing in final design and colour, in a thick paper frame, signed "Aprobat"

1. 5B 2. 10B

Colour proofs a/ without indication of value

1. Violet, Rose-lilac and Yellowish brown. With the word SPECIMEN perforated.

b/ With indication of value

2. 15 B Lilac, Azur and Yellowish brown