XVI.  Efiigi     Second Postal building Issue

A/  Not adopted projects
These 4 projects were printed together, forming a block of 4 stamps. The first row contained the values 3 Bani and 15 Bani, the second row the values 5 Bani and 1 Bani. If someone knows more about this issue, we would be very thankful for that information.
Printed on thick, glaced paper

1. 1 B Black 2. 3 B Black 3. 5 B Black 4. 15 B Black
Three propositions from Gabriel Popescu in 1899

Essay adopted with several modifications, amongst them:
* simplified ornamentation
*lighter engraving
* MCMI instead of MCM
* head, circular inscription and duty figures on plain background

Printed on carton

1. 15 B Black 2. 15 B Violet 3. 15 B Orange-red 4. 15 B Dark green

Proofs of the original die (MCM)

C/ Adopted project
Corrected undenominated die (MCMI)
Printed on a big piece of (carton)( 9 1/2 x 13 1/2 cm). Engraved in Bucharest by G. Popescu

1. Black

Die Proofs

15 B Black 40 B Black 2L Black 5L Black
Plate proofs
Printed on very rough (carton)

A nice display in block of 4
2. 15 B Black 3. 25 B Black 4. 40 B Black
5. 50 B Black 6. 5 L Black 5 L Brown

Colour proofs
in the issued colours (on very thick paper)

E05-115.jpg (36860 bytes)
E06-36.jpg (11594 bytes)
                 Colour proof
on the paper used for the issued stamps
                  The so-called
       imperforate error of colour

EF01-46.jpg (15681 bytes)
Souvenir sheets = bogus
EF01a-62.jpg (13371 bytes)